If you’re looking for free six videos, kindly visit www.youtube.com. That site gave me my Angry Birds Space, World of Warcraft Philippines, Ham-o-Ween, Ice Cream Sandwich, Angry Birds in Facebook and other cool videos that I enjoy watching.

For free six mp3 and  other music check out www.imeem.com

For free six software downloads try www.download.com

For free six pictures and images view http://commons.wikimedia.org (Wikimedia Commons)

For free six flash games go to www.y8.com

For free six gigabyte email storage get a GMail account at mail.google.com.

Ok maybe not 6GB but 5GB(?) but it’s still free right?

These are a few of my (free six) favorite things… :)

Why Six? Is this another crazy post?


They say that the number six will be bringing me good luck and great fortune this year :) so I’m doing this post on day Six of the month of Free-bruary

Update (02.16.2009)

If you want to see other free six video and free six stuff kindly visit Marhgil Macuha’s, Jehzlau Concept’s, Techathand.net and Freesixvideo.com.