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After the TV premiere of Eheads Concert 2009 on GMA-7

Posted on April 6, 2009  in Personal Experiences

I watched the Eraserheads Concert 2009 premiere on GMA-7 last night and realized its not like winning the Philippine Lotto
I’m happy to see the other details of the concert that I missed (the hello kitty guitar, etc.) but it seems GMA-7 did not include some of my favorite songs from the premiere 🙁

The list of songs not included:

From the 1st set

  • Poorman’s Grave
  • Waiting for the Bus

From the 2nd set (the sofa set)

Well I guess that makes me more excited and still wait for the CD and DVD of the Eraserheads Concert 2009.

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  1. [Edit by Menard 04.08.2009]
    Jayson Comment Part 1/3

    Smart and GMA 7 made history by bringing back the Eraserheads to do their “Final Set” concert last March 7, 2009 at the Mall of Asia Open Grounds. Now, they made another history by airing the said concert over at GMA’s Sunday Night Box Office last April 5, 2009.

    I was one of the thousands of people who went to see the Pinoy Fab Four. Though we were just in the general patronage area, the feeling that night is very special for devoted fans like us. We were grateful that Smart together with other companies made an event to see them play for the last time.

    I took note of their playlist during the concert (even during the first “83008” reunion gig) and the band played a total of 29 songs that night:

    View the playlist in my Eraserheads Concert 2009 Experience post

    1. @Jayson,
      Thanks for visiting my blog and thanks for sharing your comments. You posted some valid points, but sad to say its too long (read my comment policy).
      I will do some exception to the rule, will try to do some edits/cuts and repost your comment. (3 parts)

      1. Jayson Post author

        [Edit by Menard 04.08.2009]
        Jayson Comment Part 2/3

        Truly, an approximate 100,000 people were able to attend the concert of the year. Some will just wait for the original, or at least the pirated dvd copy of the event to see them play. I was a bit surprised when I saw the commercial at GMA7 that they are going to air the Final Set at their SNBO. I looked forward in watching that because it brings joy to my music life.

        Thanks but no thanks to GMA. What are these companies trying to do? Change the history of the history they made?

        The mini-documentary of the concert was not shown. The nostalgia of the legacy these geniuses left were not reminisced. It looked liked they were not introduced before playing their first song for the night. The countdown using the alphabet backwards and ending at an inverted “e” was not also shown.

        The dialogues from the band members like “Thank you, ang babait niyo!” from Ely after playing Poorman’s Grave, Markus’ “Isang kanta from Ely” before playing Huwag Mo Nang Itanong, and Lemon urging the crowd to jump before playing were not aired. If I were to watch it on TV for the first time, I would definitely think that they just played continuously without even talking to the crowd.

    2. Jayson Post author

      [Edit by Menard 04.08.2009]
      Jayson Comment Part 3/3

      The most disappointing thing GMA did was to cut the concert short by not showing Poorman’s Grave, Waiting for the Bus, Wishing Wells, Fine Time, Pare Ko, Back2Me, Trip to Jerusalem, and Spoliarium. d*** those people from that network!. Ely conditioned himself six months before the concert so that the thing that happened during the first reunion will not happen. Ely and the rest of the guys wanted to finish the Reunion in a not “bitin” way because they know that for an eheads fan, all the songs in the playlist are priceless. Why couldn’t they just show the complete concert in two parts / episodes?

      When I went to the office, some of my co-employees were asking me why they didn’t play Pare Ko. That is what I am worried about. The people who watched SNBO will think that the Eraserheads were not grateful to the phenomenal song that made them icons. A reunion is supposed to be a memorable one. Why will you not air the first song in Philippine history that used “d***” in their chorus? A “bleep” to censor that part would have been more acceptable.

      The people behind that SNBO Special are like the creepy bald aliens from “Dark City”, one of my all-time favorite movies. They experiment on the pathetic human race by injecting false memories into their minds. I am just glad that I am one of the Mr. Murdocks who did become victims of corporate a**holes.

      I hope networks will be more responsible in airing historical events like The Final Set.

  2. paul verdadero

    kelan nga po yung release nila ng final set? may nagsabi po na may 24.. pero wala naman pala. di ko tuloy alam lung anu ang totoo.

    1. @Paul
      Thank you for your comment.
      Wala pa rin akong balita kung kelan ang release ng DVD ng Final Set. I will update my blog as soon as I have new info.