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Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince at Trinoma Cinema THX

Posted on July 20, 2009  in Personal Experiences

Raven and I watched Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince at the Trinoma THX Cinema last weekend. We reserved tickets via since we know that this is the first weekend of the film showing. It’s our first time to try Trinoma’s Lazy Boy seats and we really had a great time watching the movie.

I want to post some video trailer from youtube, but most of the video trailers I saw have disabled the embed URL hence I will just continue with my blog post without the video.

So my feedback (don’t worry I will not post some spoiler 🙂 )
1. Trinoma Lazy Boy+THX is a cool experience. Very comfortable and it provides a relaxing experience.

2. I understand that that it is really a challenge to translate the 652 pages of the book into a 152-minute movie, but my personal feeling is HP6:  Half Blood Prince is kinda “bitin”. For the benefit of the non-pinoy readers of this blog, the word “Bitin” is filipino and it roughly translates to english as “hanging position” or some sort of a “cliffhanger”. Being a Harry Potter fan, I’m not surprised at the ending, but I am looking forward for some scenes at the end. The good thing about that “bitin” feeling is that it makes me (and I hope the other Harry Potter fans crave more for the movie of the last book : Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.

Overall the movie is good. And I recommend that you watch it (even you are not a fan of the book).

If you have watched the movie too and like to share your experience, feel free to leave some comments here.

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  1. Regretably, I tried the lazy boy experience with Twilight (yes I watched it so kill me. A slow, painful death, please. You’d be giving me a favor). It was so traumatic, every time I see a lazy boy, it makes me want to plunge a dull knife into my head through my eye socket.

    “You really should stay away from me” – Edward Cullen

    Nard, I’m just curious, how could it be possible to post some spoilers about the movie when almost everybody have read the book? hehe

    1. @Rene,
      Sa mga nanonod daw kase, marami pa ring nde nakakabasa ng libro ng HP6. Me mga nabasa akong blog na maraming nabadtrip kase nga kinuwento yung ending. so place safe ako. no spoiler, para ma-keep yung excitement (kung meron man)

  2. @Menard
    napanood ko na sa wakas, and yeah, now i understand what you mean by bitin. I was going to ak you the contextual meaning because “bitin” has two: cliff-hanger or flat. but i’ll keep my opinion to myself. and yes, there really could have been some spoilers kahit sa mga nakabasa na kung naikwento mo.

    I was actually lost, watching it and can’t even recall the book. But I won’t elaborate for fear of throwing in some spoilers.