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Hot Topic: Lowest Unleaded Gasoline Prices

Posted on August 19, 2009  in Personal Experiences

I have revisited my old posts on gasoline prices. I have two updates for January here and here, one for February, one for March and one for April . And since this is a hot topic in the news lately, I’m posting an update on the lowest unleaded gasoline price that I found:


This was taken last week around Tuesday, but as per my experience they (the Big 3 oil companies) do their increase on Friday or Saturday midnight so I expect some 1~2 peso discrepancy already.

I won’t rant about the oil price hike (and how the Energy Secretary seem to defend his Big (3) Brothers 🙂 ), that’s for the TV and newspapers na!

If you are interested to know where exactly is this gasoline station (this might save you some money especially if you’re in the vicinity), please feel free to leave some comments here.

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  1. Per experience I find the pump prices in Fairview cheaper. But it doesn’t make sense if I go all the way from Laguna just to get it for lower. Prices in Santa Rosa aren’t that bad anymore but there’s this one-third of the Big Three that I am always suspicious with their calibration. I won’t name it, but for the same price and volume my tank empties earlier with this company.

    1. @tyronecaliente
      I think before they have this rule that the farther you are from the main oil depot (the one in Pandacan and in I dont know if they have it in the Batangas port), the higher the gas/pump price. But this year, I think some deregulation rule was implemented hence even between same company and same relative location, price may be +/- 1 or 2 peso per liter: Crazy gas prices :O

      Thanks for the visit and the comment batchmate!