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SMS Scam: Wrong Pasaload, Please Send It Back To Me

We got this SMS Scam yesterday. And as a public service to the readers of this blog, I am dissecting this sms scam attempt so that we can all avoid falling victim.

The sms scam is a 2-part text. The first message
sms scam

Sender: +63 907 664 9375


1/2 06-Nov 07:45: P200 has been transferred from 09076649375. To your mobile account Ref:290304390733

is supposedly a message about a pasa-load (sms load transfer) of PHP200 to your phone number, sent by the 808 number (local telco service number on sms load transfers).

and the second message:
sms scam

Sender: +63 907 664 9375

nagka mali po ako ng Pasaload sa inyo ko n load ang P200 para sa aking nanay, baka po pwede niyong ibalik ung load, kailangan niyo lang pong gawin ang instruction. 09108432236 (space) 200 send 808, replyan ng Yes ang susunod na mensahe, tx ko nlang po nanay ko n antayin ung load, pasensya n po s abala.

Rough english translation

Sir/Ma’am, I made a mistake in the pasaload/transfer load of PHP200 for my mother, and I sent it to you by mistake. Please be kind enough to return the load to me. Just follow this instruction, and reply yes to succeeding messages. I will message my mother to wait for the load. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Wow! The scammer levelled up from their former SMS Scam try. The new scam tries to play with some emotions now: first the “paawa” effect, next it tries to “exploit” Pinoy’s natural concern and consideration for the elderly (the money/load is for my mom, please return it), and they too are very courteous now. The spelling and sentence construction is good too in my opinion (wala na jejemon text, level up na talaga sila). Good try +63 907 664 9375 but you still phail Mister/Miss Scammer 🙂 Why? because I eat spam and scam for breakfast so I know you phail :-p and I wont tell you why. I just hope that you, Mr./Ms. scammer will have your own “karma” soon.

I have engaged my telco company support via twitter early this year, but they said they cannot do anything about this scam and they recommended I report it to the government agency (NTC) instead. (I might post about this some other time).

So my advice to my friends and readers is to ignore the SMS text scam, and DO NOT REPLY. If you have time, please report the incident to NTC too.

Some of my friends who replied and either played along with the scammer, “trolled” the scammer or even “cursed” the scammer to the ends of the earth had a funny convo with the scammer but this seems to be a not so good strategy in my opinion (but at least they got some good laugh that day). Most friends who trolled/cursed the spammer ended up receiving more SMS spam. I think this is because the perpetrators know that their mobile number is active and therefore it can be “recycled” for future sms mal-campaigns.

I am wondering why these SMS scams are always about 200 pesos. Maybe 200 pesos is their lucky amount? Hehe!

Again my advice is that if you receive similar messages/texts, ignore the SMS as it is an SMS scam, and DO NOT REPLY. If you have time report the incident to NTC too.

Do you also receive SMS scams like this? Share your stories by leaving some comments below 🙂

SMS Scam: Roaming Number Charges, Send 200 to 808 Scam

Got this sms spam and scam


Basically it says that my account was charged with 200 pesos because I called and texted a roaming number. And to cancel this 200 pesos “charged” to my account, I need to send message to 808 containing a specified number (09120009743 in my case) <space> 200, and reply to YES to all prompts/message confirmation from my telco. Let me just take this opportunity to tell Mr./Ms. 09120009743 and 09226908240 that I eat spam, scam and the entire clan for breakfast. We all know that that set of instructions will just transfer 200 pesos to the account of the scammer. In Filipino this is like doing “PASA LOAD200 pesos to the scammer’s number 😀

Its been a long time since I posted about SMS Scam, but I will dissect this incident (and related developments, including the reply from my telco) in another post in soon. But today let me just do an awareness campaign against this Roaming Number Charges, Send 200 pesos to 808 Scam sms scam, and warn my friends and readers not to reply to that kind of sms messages.

Be vigilant and stay safe!

Sam Mendoza SMS Scam 2015… Still alive and kicking

I receive several reports that a certain Sam is making some SMS Scam rounds again this year.

Several years ago I created a blog post awareness about an SMS Scam featuring one Sam Mendoza. She patterned it from a similar scam a year before (the Marie Velasco SMS Scam in 2009). That blog post got some 200+ replies from readers and the scam site kept on jumping and moving to several free domain ( domain redirects).

So fast forward to 2015, I checked the supposedly “Plea for help” website and behold… its the same old scam of Sam Mendoza in 2009. Same picture. Same old set of credentials and Transcript of Records. Oh wait,  there have been some updates on the year of birth and some changes and twists in the words describing her supposedly need for help in return of doing special favors (hehehe) to those who would help her. But overall still the same pathetic “Angel crying for help” epic fail scam.

Read for yourself below and compare it to my Sam Mendoza 2010 scam post.

An angel crying for help…

I don’t know if what I’m doing is right but I just need guidance and little chance in life…

I’m a girl from Bacolod City, Negros Occidental. Orphaned since high school but still surviving. I’m a College graduate / DOST Scholar. Dito po ako lumaki but my family is really from Surigao. I can’t trace back my relatives there anymore… Ngayon, naka-boarding house lang po ako because before, nangungupahan lang din kami ng kwarto nung buhay pa parents ko..

Nag-apply po ako ng work sa San Miguel Bacolod plant and they told me na walang masyadong computer job vacancy ang plant nila because beer factory lang daw po sila. Though i-foforward daw po nila sa main office sa ortigas ung application ko and after a few weeks, I was asked for a final briefing interview sa Ortigas. I-hihire na daw po ako dahil ok naman daw ang interview ko dito sa plant nila sa Bacolod…

… The problem is di ko po kayang pumunta… Di ko na po alam ang gagawin at this point. I don’t have the basic means to go to Manila. I don’t have any relatives na malalapitan dito. Ito siguro ung something for me na “so close, yet still so far..”. Kung may makabasa man pong tao dito sa ginawa kong blog, I’m asking for a little help lang po sana. Mabigyan lang po sana ako ng chance na makapunta ng Manila and to get the job na inapplayan ko po sana..

May matutuluyan naman po ako (pero pansamantala nga lang) sa Novaliches kung sakali. Siguro po, if dumating man sa point na kailangan kong ibaba at ipagpalit ung sarili ko… gagawin ko., makapunta lang po ng Maynila.

Hindi ko na rin naman po sana gagawin tong magmakaawa at humingi ng tulong sa ibang tao kung binigyan lang sana ako ng Diyos ng magandang buhay at hindi katulad ng sitwasyon gaya nito… Desperate na po ako…

Wow she did not run out of tears after 5 long years of crying (and scamming), and I believe we have a new Guiness record here 😀

New URLs/domains include the ff:

So again: Hello there Sam the Scam! better luck next time!

To all my friends and readers: this Sam Mendoza is a scam so please do not entertain any solicitation from her. And please do spread this awareness campaign against this Sam Mendoza scam.

Read the following post from my archives:

If you have received the same scam, or have a new site hosting/containing her scam, please feel free to leave some comments below. Thanks!

SMS Scam: Load Me, Maybe?

Aside from the usual “This is my new roaming number SMS Scam” and Sam Mendoza SMS SCAM, I got this new SMS Scam who got a more direct and aggressive approach! And I’m tagging it as Load Me, Maybe SMS Scam

load mo cell ko#09xxx061830 kahit 10lang lea e2 txt po kita.

Rough english translation

Load me, my cell #09163061830, Even if its 10 (pesos) I’m OK. This is Lea, I will text you

Sender Number

But still an EPIC FAIL SMS SCAM for me. My strategy for this SMS Scam is the dedma approach: No reply. No worries!

But as awareness campaign I am posting it here in blog.

How about you? Do you also receive some new interesting SMS SPAM or SMS SCAM? Feel free to leave some comments below.

SMS Scam: This is my New Roaming Number – 2012 Edition

This is not a new sms scam. I originally posted about the similar sms spam and scam last October 2009. But I am amazed that scammers are still active so I am sharing it again as an awareness campaign to my friends and readers.

This one I got today:

Sender Number: +639065539031

Musta na kau dyan censya na ngayon lang ulit ako nakapagtxt busy plagi sa work.e2 na ang new roaming number ko d2 na kau magtxt .ingat mis u all

Rough english translation:

How are you? Sorry if I just texted you guys now, I’ve been busy with my work. This is my new roaming number so you guys should txt me here. Take Care! I miss you all!

How sweet! But sorry I don’t miss you Mr. or Ms. Scammer 🙂

This one I got last week:

Sender Number: +639272816530

Kmusta n kyo jn?nwala ang roaming ko eto n gmit ko ngayon dito n kau mgtxt pkisbe n lng s lhat jn,ingat kyo plge..txt bck..

Rough english translation:

How are you? Sorry I lost my roaming phone. This is my new roaming number so please tell all our folks there that you all should text me here. Take care always! Please text back!

To the scammer/s:
Nice try! But Sorry its epic fail sms spam scam for me 🙂

We know the drill, after getting your sympathy; they will ask you to send them mobile phone load (e-load) and maybe other business opportunities that will lead to a scam. Read more about it here

My advice to my friends: be paranoid. Don’t talk to strangers. Let them prove who they are before giving any other personal details.
If you have similar stories to share, feel free to leave some comments below.

Note: This post is an awareness campaign to all readers of this blog. Beware! There is a recycled SMS spam and website spam making rounds that in the Philippines patterned after Marie Velasco, Anna Marie Velasco, Marie Bacolod scams. New name of the girl in the SMS scam and website scam is Sam Mendoza so I will tag this as the Sam Mendoza SMS SCAM.

I got a comment from a reader (Azeto) of my SMS Scam: Marie Velasco post telling me that they received another set of sms messages that may be related to this scam. To the benefit of the new readers this Marie Velasco SMS Scam was making rounds in the Philippines SMS since 2009. The “poor girl” is asking a would-be victim to send her some money (or electronic cellphone load) so that she can go to Manila and work. In exchange for the money, the “poor girl” who do “anything”. I leave it to your imagination on what will be the boundaries of that “anything” since the scammers seems to target the male population. I started blogging about it around August 2009, when my friends IRL and I got some random sms messages. I even got some flame comments before related to this blog posts. Read my previous posts

Going back to the new scam, I got curious so I investigated further. And wow! I will quote the site:

I’m just a simple lady… with simple dream. A dream of coming to Manila for a job. Unfortunately, the problem is… I don’t have the means (financially) to go to Manila. I’m a scholar of DOST kaya ako nakapag-tapos ng kolehiyo. About my parents, deceased na sila when I am in high school years pa lang. I am staying in a boarding house for now… kasi wala naman kaming bahay na puede kong matuluyan dito sa bacolod. Taga Surigao po talaga kami, but lumipat lang nanay at tatay ko dito nung maliit pa lang ako, kaya wala na akong idea about sa mga relatives ko. I’m the only child dahil medyo weak ang health ng nanay ko that time and so medyo delikado na kung magbubuntis pa siya uli. I’m very desperate. I’m really needing some help. I’m willing to sacrifice everything including myself in exchange for my future career sa Maynila. I have my deadline in San Miguel Ortigas and still, I don’t know if someone could help me on my way to Manila… I really need help now… I’m willing to offer an exchange for the help you give… Whatever you ask for… I’m risking it.

I spent 5 years of my life including Christmas living alone sa boarding house ko… Gusto ko rin ma-experience na magtrabaho at may makasama kahit isang relative man lang na puede gumabay sa akin… Im old enough to stand independently but I’m still young for some other things…

I don’t have any options but to offer myself… I’m decided… I better lose it for good purpose… Hindi ko alam kung kailan ako gigising isang umaga na may handa ng tumulong sa ‘kin makapunta ng Maynila… I really need a new life…”

At the sidebar:

Sam Mendoza
Name: Sam O. Mendoza
Age: 21
Height: 5’6″
Birthdate: February 15, 1989
Birthplace: Surigao del Sur
Address: currently staying in a boarding house in Purok Sambag, Brgy. Mandalagan, Bacolod City, Negros Occidental 6100
Parents: Anna Ortiz (deceased); Luisito Mendoza (deceased)
Sibling(s): None

Sounds familiar???

Yup! It IS the same old and recycled Anna Marie Velasco Crying for help SMS Scam. With a new pretty pic to match the new name (Sam Mendoza, Sam O. Mendoza, Sam Ortiz Mendoza) ! It also comes with the Transcript of Records and other supporting documents and images uploaded to Flicker: But overall it IS all the same… EPIC FAIL SMS and Website Scam!!!

I guess that the picture was grabbed somewhere, poor girl 🙁
And I also guess that the supporting documents are fabricated (Anybody heard of Recto? or photoshop perhaps?) 🙂

SCAM accomplice site is:

If you also receive the same or similar SMS scam messages/website, kindly leave some comments here.

To the scammer/s behind this Sam Mendoza/Marie Velasco! Nice Try! But you’re exposed now 🙂

Update 2010.06.05
Additional SCAM accomplice sites:
.tk domain redirects to

Update 2010.06.17

Additional SCAM accomplice sites:

again it redirects to

Update 2010.06.20

Additional SCAM accomplice sites:

again the said TK domain redirects to

Update 2010.07.10

Additional new SCAM accomplice sites:

Update 2010.07.29

Additional new SCAM accomplice sites:

Update 2010.07.31

Additional new SCAM accomplice sites:

Update 2010.08.04

Additional new SCAM accomplice sites:

Update 2010.08.18
Additional new SCAM accomplice sites:

Update 2010.09.01
Additional new SCAM accomplice sites:

Update 2010.09.05
Additional new SCAM accomplice sites:

Update 2010.09.08
Additional new SCAM accomplice sites:

Update 2010.09.21
Additional new SCAM accomplice site:

Update 2010.09.28
Additional new SCAM accomplice site:

Update 2010.10.10
Additional new SCAM accomplice site:

Update 2010.10.16
New SCAM accomplice site:

Update 2010.10.23
New SCAM accomplice site:

Update 2010.10.26
New SCAM accomplice site:

Update 2010.10.29
New SCAM accomplice site:

Update 2010.12.20
New SCAM accomplice site:

Update 2011.01.25
New SCAM accomplice site:

Update 2011.01.25
New SCAM accomplice site:

Update 2011.03.02
New SCAM accomplice site:

Update 2011.03.09
New SCAM accomplice site:

Update 2011.04.11
New SCAM accomplice site:

Update 2011.04.20
New SCAM accomplice site:

Update 2011.04.26
New SCAM accomplice site:

Update 2011.05.02
New SCAM accomplice site:

Update 2011.05.16
New SCAM accomplice site:

Update 2011.05.29
New SCAM accomplice site/s:

Update 2011.06.02
New SCAM accomplice site:

Update 2011.07.05
New SCAM accomplice sites:


.TK sites redirect to

Update 2011.11.19
New SCAM accomplice sites:
.TK sites redirect to

SMS Scam: This is my New Roaming Number

We got hold of a new SMS scam. Actually this is not new, but this sms message has been discussed in the comments of my previous Hon Load Mo Ako text scam post. I am just distressed that after the sad events brought by typhoons Ondoy and Pepeng, these scammers are back to their scheming activities too soon.

The sms that Raven and I got looks like this:

kmsta kau, I2 na new roaming # ko nsimblock kc ung dati ko #, nga pla may ipa2dala me jang pa2kage at kunting pera bhala na kau, meron ding cp meron ka dun. Kanyakanya nem kau dun.sya bka pwd loadan nyo ako ng 300 para mkatxt ako jan. Ms na ms ko na kau. Godbless.

Sender # +639392207784

To the benefit of my non-Filipino readers I am roughly translating it in English.

How are you? This is my new roaming number. My previous number got sim blocked. By the way, I will send home some package and some money too, in the package there are some cell phone units, you can get one. Can you load me 300 pesos so that I can sent text/sms message. I miss you all so much! God Bless.

Why it is some sort of a “hit” to Filipinos? I assume that there are many Overseas Filipino Workers (OFW) abroad who are fond of using a roaming sim cards (they argued that its cheaper to for their loved ones in PH to send SMS there). Electronic mobile phone loading businesses are also popular that even the neighborhood store have one (hence: the monetization vehicle is present). One of the top reasons I believe is that some Filipinos are so trusting and many pinoys are just not informed that such schemes exist, so this is some personal advocacy of mine to expose known SMS scam in this blog.

My advise is simple: Be paranoid. Do not trust unknown numbers sending sms.

Spiderham also received some variant of the scam, you can find his post and advise in his Scams 101: New SMS scam uncovered

I would like to share a comment of a reader that was recently victimized:

Submitted by HUNNY_bunny on 2009/10/11 at 4:22pm

Hi..nakakahiya man but unfortunately, ako yata ang pinakalatest victim ng scam na to.actually i want to keep it na lang sana to myself kasi feeling ko ang tanga ko talaga. gaya ng mga kwento nyo, i received a text last thursday night (October 8, 2009), saying na “ETO YUNG NEW ROAMING NUMBER KO, NAGPALIT AKO NG NUMBER KSI LAGENG WALANG SIGNAL YUNGG DATI KONG NUMBER, MAY PADALA KONG PACKAGE WITH CELLPHONE AND MONEY NEXT WEEK, ANTAYIN NYO HA..TNX AND MISS YOU ALL”..pero walang name kung sino sya, so i assume na sya yung pamangkin ko n nsa somewhere in middle I txtd back “sean kaw b yan?” and sbi nya “yes ako nga to”.so nagtiwala na ko kasi super close talga kmi nung pamangkin ko tsaka sobrang thankful ako sa kanya kasi lage syang nagpapadala ng mga gamit for may baby and lage syang nagttx sa kin.then after a couple of txt nag request sya n pa loadan ko sya ng 300, niloadan ko naman ksi talgang laht ng request ng pamangkin ko sinusunod ko.after ko sya maloadan, nag nag text pa ng “thank you”…then the following morning Oct.9 nagtx ulet and dun n nagsimula na mag propose ng business about prepaid cards,sabi nya nabebenta ng 1,320 yung 500 na smart en globe make the story short pinadalhan ko sya ng 500 20smart en 20globe cards via text..nang ganun kadali since i have business kseh ng prepaids cards so madami ako stocks talga.after ko masend s kanya lahat ng prepaid dun ako biglang kinutuban na baka hindi sya yung pamangkin tinawagan ko yung pamangkin ko sa landline nya sa abroad en BOOOOM! yun na hindi nga sya yung katx ko!grabe para kong hihimatayin talga!!!kasi naloko ko ng ganun kadali, hindi na ko nag isip!!!nasilaw kasi ko sa laki ng kikitain na halos triple ang tubo, kya parang di na ko nag isip and na excite ako agad…ayun almost 20k ang nawala sa kin..eto yung number nung ngtxt sa kin:

0917xxxyyzz (number verification under process)

May last text sa kanya is sabi ko masaya ka na ngayon kasi nakaloko ka pero siguradong may kapalit yan.

To HUNNY_bunny, thank you for sharing your story. It is really sad that you fell for the scam. I hope that the spammers will have bad karma soon. In the mean time, lets be vigilant and be aware of their modus operandi and spread the info to others.

To the readers of this blog: Let’s share this knowledge on sms scam to others (especially to our not-so-techie-friendly folks, friends, family, relatives and so on).

If you receive similar text or sms scam, feel free to leave a message here.

If you have blog post discussing the sms scam experience, feel free to post the link here too.

A follow up post on the Marie Velasco SMS Scam

Me, my friend (Fe Ann) and some readers of this blog are receiving some constant follow-up SMS messages from our scammer friend Anna Marie Velasco:


Gud evening po, c marie po to, ung humihingi ng tulong makapunta ng maynila.. Ma22lungan nio po b ako? Gagawin ko po ung kapalit na hhngin nio, para lang makapunta npo ako ng mynila.. Parang awa nio napo..


helo po…si marie po to…willing pa po ba kayong tulungan ako? parang awa niyo na po…kailangang kailangan ko po talaga ng tulong niyo…ako lang mag isa ngayon sa bacolod kaya medyo mahirap po yung sitwasyon ko ngayon gayong wala pa akong trabaho dito…bigyan niyo lang po sana ako ng chance na makapunta ng maynila…yun lang naman po sana yung hinihingi kong tulong…willing naman po akong magsakripisyo eh na magbigay ng kapalit para lang po sa trabaho ko sana sa maynila…hirap na po talaga ako dito…Marie

Senders Number

It seems our scammer have lots of resources 🙂 But sorry… you’re still an EPIC FAIL for us 🙂

And her site is on the move too (previously it was (December 2008) and now its

So please be aware of the scammer’ name, site and modus operandi (visit my other post SMS Scam: Marie Velasco for other details)

If you also receive similar sms scam, kindly leave some comments here.

Update 08.26.2009

Anna Marie scam site on the move since the previous site is down! is the NEW SCAM site!

Update 09.01.2009

It seems is already down.

and the new scam site is

Update 09.04.2009 is down.

New scam site with recycled content in

Update 10.03.2009

new scam site with recycled content in

Update 02.12.2010

new scam site of marie at

Update 02.15.2010

new scam site of marie at

Update 04.15.2010

new scam site of anna marie velasco at

Update 05.17.2010
Thanks to reader azeto 🙂
Guys and Gals! Meet the new Marie Velasco: Sam Mendoza
Read my new blog post:
SMS SCAM ALERT: Sam Mendoza, the new Marie Velasco

SMS Scam: Marie Velasco

I got hold of another SMS scam. Got these consecutive SMS messages around 5am~6am this morning (thought it was really urgent).

SMS Part 1

Pued po b akong humingi ng 2long sa inyo? I’m marie, 21yo freshgrad po from Bacolod City. Ggawin ko po ang lahat ng kpalit na gusto nio, ma2lungan nyo lng po akong mkpunta sa mynila. My job hiring na po kc sna ako jan sa san mig-ortigas, syang po kc kung madissolve lng.. Im willing to take the risks ng kpalit na hhngin nio. Un nlng tlga pgasa ko na mkluwas kgd pra mhbol deadline ko po.. My pic & supporting docs po ako sa – marie

SMS Part 2

Name: Marie Velasco
Birthdate: Feb. 15, 1988
Height: 5’7″
Complexion: Fair
Vital Stats: 35-25-36
Hair: Long & Straight
Other: Joined some provincial pageants for allowance.

Course: BS Information Management (Computer & Accountancy)
School: DOST Scholar in University of St. La Salle – Bacolod
Parents: Anna & Mario Velasco (both deceased)


To the scammer: Haha! Nice try! Your SMS SCAM was an epic fail. You know why? Figure it out yourself. I will post other links related to this SMS scam later. I’m just wondering why in the world did you get my number? Maybe you are conspiring with the group who are sending Spam SMS to me and my friends 🙂

To all the other readers there, just beware. The scammer goes by the name of Marie Velasco, Ann Velasco, AnnaMarie Velasco and its variants. I think she is not the really the girl in the picture (poor victim). Methinks that the scammer have the resources to change their website it to fit her new nick/identity but ironically she does not some money to go to Manila. (Sidenote: is a free hosting site, and it got my attention before for some activities related to… hehe thats worth another post)

If you also receive this sms scam, kindly leave some comments here.

Update 08.11.2009
Follow up post on SMS Scam: Will the Real Anna Marie Velasco Please Stand Up

Update 08.26.2009

Anna Marie scam site on the move since the previous site is down! is the NEW SCAM site!

Update 09.01.2009 is down na? and she now moved to

Update 09.04.2009 is down.

new scam site with recycled content in

Update 10.03.2009

new scam site with recycled content in
Update 12.14.2009

Got some reports that new marie velasco scam content at

Update 02.12.2010

new scam site of marie at

Update 02.15.2010

new scam site at

Update 04.15.2010

new scam site of anna marie velasco at

Update 05.17.2010
Thanks to reader azeto 🙂

Guys and Gals! Meet the new Marie Velasco: Sam Mendoza
Read my new blog post:
SMS SCAM ALERT: Sam Mendoza, the new Marie Velasco

SMS Spam Alert: Grace Poe Foundation Spam

It’s been a long time since I got some SMS Spam. So imagine my surprise when I got this one yesterday morning (April 23).


SMS Details:


Congrat’s Ur sim#had won. Php780,000.2nd price.winner.From.”grace poe”FOUNDATION” to claim ur me now..I’m sec.rey v.acosta.Dti#6303s14

So this type of “You just won XXX thousand pesoses, Call me now” sms spam still exists in 2014?

Again dissecting the spam, it contains the usual “big money” promise with the usual spin of using a popular political figure (to gain trust). Now this spam contain the DTI permit number series of 2014. But sorry Miss or Mr. SMS Spammer, I’m not new to this SMS Spamming and scamming world. Why? because I eat spam’s cousin for breakfast :-p .

I am sure that the good senator (Grace Poe) is _NOT_ in anyway connected to this SMS spam. But I am not sure if the supposed foundation (Grace Poe Foundation) do really exists. Honestly, I decided there is no need to contact her Senate office or her PR folks to confirm because my spider sense tells me that this sms is an SMS SPAM.

One surprising information here is “WTH is this Sec. Rey V. Acosta” the guy I need to call to claim my prize. No exact match in my gathered spam intel so this character remains a mystery to me. Another interesting note here is that this is the first (or maybe second) SMS Spam I got this year (Good job to new mobile telco :-D, yah my new telco is the one that does not recycle/reuse old mobile numbers !). The last noteworthy SMS Spam I recall was the Manila Banker SMS Spam which I also featured here at

To my readers and friends, always be wary of SMS spam and scam campaigns as they are still making rounds in the Philippines.