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Happy New Year!!!

Posted on January 5, 2015  in Blog Experiences

I just want to greet all my friends online and IRL and all the readers of this blog a Happy New Year!

I am not really good at writing blog New Years resolution posts, but I will do my best to post more here at (and launch all the other blogs here as promised in my anniv post)

May we all have a fruitful and blessed year this 2015!!!

Will post more soon…


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All your website are belong to us

Posted on December 4, 2014  in Blog Experiences



p@wned. all your websites are belong to us

p@wned. all your websites are belong to us


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New Look: Hello Gamepress! Thank you Easel!

Posted on September 16, 2014  in Blog Experiences

Its been ages since I updated the WordPress theme of my blog. So I tinkered around and liked this new theme from WebTuts called Gamepress. I love the gaming and techie feel of this theme so I am trying it out for the next couple of days.



I’m not yet 100% decided but as of today I am comfortable with the theme.

For now my dear friends and readers, feel free to let me know if you like the new too or you like the old theme, and give the reason why. You can leave comments at the end of this post or ping me via twitter or leave a via my contact page.

If you find something missing or some old feature broken please feel free contact me too and I will try my best to look into it.

Lastly, my thanks to Philip M. Hofer  of for the wonderful Easel Theme.


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Twitter Analytics Online

Posted on September 1, 2014  in Blog Experiences, Technology

Twitter launched some cool features last week.

Going to will give you great metrics about your tweets and your followers.
For followers stats, it shows data about your followers interests (Top Interests and Most Unique Interests), location, gender and list tweeps your followers also follow.


For the tweets metrics, it highlights your tweets impressions and engagement data. Good visualization given the data is free.


For the followers stats, I believe it’s already there as you check it out, but for the tweets metrics, you need to somewhat enable it (or login once into the analytics page) to start the population of data.

We might argue that these are geeky data points, but my personal take here is that in this interconnected world of social media this is good and interesting data (and quite possibly profitable too *hint* *hint*) .

No security issues so far but I will try to update this post (and my soon to be re-launched tech blog) if I find something new.


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On FIFA and World Cup Part 2

Posted on June 13, 2014  in Blog Experiences

Google and Twitter got some football surprises for all…

Today Google have a cool doodle for the FIFA World Cup 2014. So sharing with you guys some screencaps.



There’s some animation when you click the doodle:



Twitter said you can personalize your profile



To know more about the twitter world cup settings kindly visit


And as promised on my previous FIFA and World Cup post, I will post some other articles related about the World Cup. Here is some FIFA World Cup and security mashup topic courtesy of Trend Micro Security Intelligence blog.

Watch Out For Fake Versions of World Cup 2014 Apps

and Phishing Sites Intensify World Cup Campaigns

BTW, I just heard Brazil won over Croatia


Grats to #BRA, Neymar Jr and the whole team.

Well that’s all for now… Will try to post more soon 🙂




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On FIFA and World Cup

Posted on June 11, 2014  in Blog Experiences

I am not an avid fan of football. But I support this wonderful sporting event so I am posting this cool video. So to have some World Cup and FIFA fever here at here is Nike Football’s Winner Stay video courtesy of Youtube.

Winner Stays feature football greats Cristiano Ronaldo, Neymar Jr., Wayne Rooney, Wayne Rooney, Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Eden Hazard, Gonzalo Higuain, Gerard Pique, Andrés Iniesta, Mario Götze, Thiago Silva, Thibaut Courtois, Tim Howard, David Luiz and others.

The video also features other Nike Stars outside the football realm (NBA and MMA) as Kobe Bryant, Jon Jones, Anderson Silva also appeared. And even Ronaldo’s GF IRL, Irina Shayk appeared in the video too, with Marvel’s Incredible Hulk making a goalie appearance too.

I believe this is one of the most expensive video advertisement ever created!!!

Grats Nike!

Will try to post some Football smash up with other favorite topics here soon.


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List of Official Holidays in the Philippines 2014

Posted on January 9, 2014  in Blog Experiences

Malacanang announced the official list of Philippines Holiday 2014 last year. And to help out my readers who are searching for 2014 Philippines Holidays, I am posting this update

Here are the Official Holidays in the Philippines for 2014 (As per Proclamation No. 655, s. 2013):

January 1, 2014, Wednesday – New Year’s Day (Regular Holiday)
January 31, 2014, Friday – Chinese New Year (Special Non-working day)
April 9, 2014, Wednesday – Araw ng Kagitingan (Regular Holiday)
April 17, 2014Maundy Thursday (Regular Holiday)
April 18, 2014Good Friday (Regular Holiday)
April 19, 2014Black Saturday (Special Non-working day)
May 1, 2014, Thursday – Labor Day (Regular Holiday)
June 12, 2014, Thursday – Independence Day (Regular Holiday)
August 21, 2014, Thursday – Ninoy Aquino Day (Special Non-working day)
August 25, 2014, Monday – National Heroes Day (Regular Holiday)
November 1, 2014, Saturday – All Saints Day (Special Non-working day)
November 30, 2014, Sunday – Bonifacio Day (Regular Holiday)
December 24, 2014, Wednesday – Additional special Non-working day (Special Non-working day)
December 25, 2014, Thursday – Christmas Day (Regular Holiday)
December 26, 2014, Friday – Additional special Non-working day (Special Non-working day)
December 30, 2014, Tuesday – Rizal Day (Regular Holiday)
December 31, 2014, Wednesday – Last day of the year (Special Non-working day)

Additional Official Holiday For SCHOOLS in the Philippines
February 25, 2014, Tuesday – EDSA Revolution Anniversary

As per Official Gazette, other proclamations will be issued by Malacanang Palace for the observance of Eid’l Fitr and Eidul Adha (and other extra holidays too 🙂 ) and this blog post will be updated accordingly.

Hope this Philippines Holidays 2014 List post helped you.


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Happy New Year 2014!!!

Posted on January 6, 2014  in Blog Experiences

Happy New Year to all my friends and readers!!!

First, I would like give thanks to God for all the blessings me and my family received in 2013. Last year was really a tough year but with God’s help I was able hurdle the challenges I faced.

For 2014, I am praying for good health for my family, my friends and their families, and I am extending that prayer for you my readers. May we all have more blessings this year and the years ahead.

No new new years resolution post for me or for the blog. I’m really “weak” at those resolutions as I usually track my progress when I am about to create the next year’s post update.

Watch out for more post in the coming days and weeks here at 🙂

Again Happy New Year!!!


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Happy 5th Year Anniversary to

Posted on December 2, 2013  in Blog Experiences turned 5 today!!!

Here is the link to the 1st post and the first full post (non-hello world 😉 ).
Here are the links to the traditional anniversary blog posts for the 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th year.

Happy 5th to

Image Credits: Wikimedia Commons, Project Nuvola 2.0, and David Vignoni

After 562 posts, 2211 legit comments, and a lot more of stats to follow 😀  I am happy that is still up, alive and kicking!!!

Anniversary posts like this one are great opportunity to give thanks so here we go:

First of all, I would like to thank God for all the blessings He has given me and my family!

Next I would like to thank Raven and my family, they are my inspiration for this blog and all of my blogs. They encourage me to continue blogging!

Next my thanks goes out to my friends (online and in-real-life) for all the support they have given me!

Last but not the least, my thanks to the readers, subscribers, and supporters of I know this year was a very challenging year (for me on a personal level) but thanks to you this site is still up and still in the charts 🙂 . I will do my best to make better and better for all you readers/supporters out there.



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Repost: 9gag Lern How to Googel Mor Efectivly

Posted on September 18, 2013  in Blog Experiences, Technology

Reposting some cute and informative infographics courtesy of 9gag. My tweet:




Original post from 9gag. Some link love to