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Free Six: Pokemon GO Philippines


Update 2016.08.08

Pokemon Go PH is now officially released.

Philippines release was last Saturday, August 6 ,2016. Happy hunting!


When the first wave of tweets and FB posts about Pokémon GO went around, I thought it was just hype.

pokemon-go-niantics But this month after the US/ANZ release I know that it’s the real deal. So I was anticipating that in the Philippines gaming scene, it will be a gaming super-hit too. Fast forward to 2nd week of July, my telco tweeted the tweet below and my interest was at its peak


But after this #paasa tweet and hundreds of other tweets from my Pinoy friends on Pokemon Go PH release, wala pa rin. Still waiting after 10 days and as of writing nada/nil/zero 🙁

So I decided that I need to update Menardconnect.com and I will share my free six info Pokemon GO Philippines in the tradition of my free six video and other free six series.

1. Pokemon Go official updates is available at Niantic Labs Official Pokemon website. Official updates on releases are published in the link below


last 3 releases in HK, Canada and other 26 countries.


2. Check Official Apple Store and Official Google Android Store. For iOS, go to


and click open in iTunes.
Chances are it’s available in US and other Apple Stores and you need to change your store.


3. If still not available in Philippines do NOT force installation via changing store. Some of my friends have tried this trick and confirmed that developers have disabled some GPS/geo ip settings, so you won’t find any Pokémon in Philippines GPS locations.

4. Thinking about Pokemon Go Cheats and Tricks? Think again!!! The devs have learned much from their previous Geo-loc game Ingress and I am sure they will be on top of the cheats/”gaming the game” issue. So I suggest you don’t try OK?

5. For Android enthusiasts and iOS jail breakers, don’t risk with those Pokemon Go APK and ios app packages and be part of statistics. But if you can reverse engineer the file and know its detailed behavior then go ahead be my guest (and eat malware for breakfast too) 😀

6. An interesting site for the Pokemon Go Server Status that I recommend


So that completes my free six info for Pokemon GO Philippines. Will try to post soon when its finally officially released in the Philippines. Hope you enjoyed my Pokemon GO Philippines post here at menardconnect.com

Update 2016.08.08

Pokemon Go PH is now officially released.

Philippines release was last Saturday, August 6 ,2016. Happy hunting!

Le Chevrerie Resort and Spa, Anilao, Mabini, Batangas

Here’s another Post Picture Now Blog Details Later slash free six pics mashup post 🙂

For Raven’s birthday we went to Anilao, Mabini, Batangas and had a relaxing and fun-filled weekend at Le Chevrerie Resort and Spa. I am posting these six photos as a teaser for a future blog post here at menardconnect.com.

Thanks to the Le Chevrerie staff for making our stay memorable!

WAUA: WordPress WP-ADMIN Bruteforce Attack

We Are Under Attack!!!”

That is what the orcs will shout (in their very unique husky and grunty voice) when the enemies attack their orc base in Warcraft 3.

That is also my topic of this post:


No I’m now screaming about the attack on my blog. I have this good mindset about threats and attacks: I don’t panic. I am also not feeling kawawa or wawa (poor victim in loose filipino translation) in this situation. I think I survived the onslaught of the attack and to spread some good vibes why not share some useful tips here at menardconnect.com 🙂  OK enough of the intro. Let’s get it on:

Late last month, this blog experienced some form of attack from malicious actors who-must-not-be-named. We all know I’m using WordPress, and some dudes out there are trying to login to this blog’s WordPress administration panel and do some brute force attack on  guessing my password. Simply put, this means some bad guys (I will collectively call it hax0r) are trying to pretend to be me (me, the website blog admin) and try to get into the wordpress admin console so that they can control the website and blog. More basic info on brute force attacks here.
I will not delve into the technical details of the attack , but in tradition of my good old free six video and free six series, here are six easy to-do tips and tricks that users/admins can do to prevent or better prepare themselves (blog owners) against these WordPress WP-ADMIN Bruteforce attacks.

1. Update your WordPress core files as soon as possible
Just like any software, WordPress have its own security flaws and it needs to get updated from time to time. Admins are advised that they should always update WordPress to the latest version, for more info on this go here. When a new version of WordPress is available admins will receive an update message in your WordPress Admin consoles.

2. Update your WordPress plugins too
Just like the wordpress core files, plugins needs to get updated too. If your blog relies on many plugins, do not worry because when a new version of WordPress plugins are available you will also receive message in the WordPress Admin console that its time to update. There are also automated update settings if you want to try it out.

3. Do not use Admin as the username of the administrator account.

Yes the hax0rs are trying to login via the “admin” username, but as a basic security practice, I disabled it every time create a wordpress blog. I suggest the you be creative. Use NIMDA instead!

4. Do not use your name as the blog admin username account
This piece is quite a revealing one, the hax0rs are trying to get in via the username menard. My name is public info in this blog, so they are clever and they tried it too. But luckily I did not use that name so I avoided that loophole in this admin account issue.

5. Discard unused wordpress themes and plugins
If you are not using the wordpress themes and plugins, do not keep it.  Delete it asap. This one caused me some issues several years ago, but my advise here is if you are not using any theme or plugin that theme or plugin should be deleted ASAP because these are like low hanging fruits for attackers.

6. Have good WordPress security plugins installed
Just like security softwares (antivirus, antimalware, anti-threat) for your PC, Macs, iPads, smartphones and other devices, wordpress blogs needs some security tools too. There are some good free wordpress security plugins that works well but I will try to share two: Login Lockdown and Sucuri .

Login lockdown locks the admin console after several failed attempts, a good old trusted plugin. A recent good addition to my security plugin arsenal is Sucuri Security- Auditing, Malware Scanner and Hardening, a free plugin and it has helped me detect this attack. How? See this…

email alert by sucuri


So I’m giving the good folks at Sucuri some love link here in my blog. Kindly go visit them at Sucuri

That’s all for now, i will try to share other tips in the future. Hope you liked my free six tips and tricks to combat WordPress Admin Brute-force Attack

As I mentioned in my previous post, I am enjoying this Warcraft game called Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft. Hearthstone is a turn-based card game by Blizzard. They say the mechanics is similar to Magic: The Gathering card game (I haven’t played a lot of Magic apart from a short stint during my college days) but this time it incorporates characters, minions and the usual gaming elements from the Warcraft world.

I know I’m may be a late bloomer in the Hearthstone scene (maybe because of my World of Warcraft hiatus) but because this is my blog I can write about any topic here even if its late or crazy so in the tradition of my free six series here is my Free Six Hearthstone Cheats, Info and Tips

Hearthstone Tip 1. Hearthstone is FREE.

Yup! Free for iPad, FREE for PC and FREE for Windows 8. And it will soon hit the Android platform this year too 🙂 .
So try it while its still free. I installed the free PC version around start of the year, but given my wow hiatus my PC time is very much limited then and I did not progress much other than few level ups for Jaina, the mage character. When Blizzard released Hearthstone for iPad app during the holy week vacation, I installed it


It was an Editor’s Choice in the App store and tried to play while I was on vacation.

For Hearthstone for iPad, kindly visit


For Hearthstone for PC kindly visit


Hearthstone Tip 2. Just play and try it out with the Innkeeper and unlock all heroes

For beginners, only Jaina will be available so you need to defeat other characters to unlock them. If you are into World of Warcraft, you will see the familiar classes and their strengths. For example, Jaina and mages are heavy DPS characters so this is the usual gameplay for mages. Then if you unlock other characters you will see their strengths very similar to their counterparts in in WoW. For example, Priests are usually a good healers, but can be shadow DPS priests too. Malfurion (Druid) have both healing and DPS capabilities, etc.

I suggest unlocking all heroes first (by battling the Innkeeper in normal mode) so you can get the mechanics of the game. After unlocking all 9 characters that the next Hearthstone moneymaking tip can be continued.

Hearthstone Tip 3. Want some free Hearthstone gold? Play quests!
Just like WoW, Hearthstone got some daily quests too.


This is the main way for get Hearthstone gold without spending real money. Complete quests and explore other heroes match up.

Hearthstone Tip 4. Level up all heroes up to level 10.

All should be at least Lvl 10

All Heroes should be at least Lvl 10 for an extra reward

By leveling heroes to Level 10, you will get all basic cards for that hero. Basic cards are the free card rewards you get when you level up. By leveling _ALL_ heroes to Level 10, you will get some extra Hearthstone gold.

Do this side by side with completing quests and you will soon have a good amount of free Hearthstone gold. You will also have a good feel on which class will suit your gameplay (usually by this time, you will have your favorite class already).

Next Steps:

  • You can then assemble a good deck using all basic cards and do more PVP with more success.
  • Or you can try Arena too (see next tip)

Hearthstone Tip 5. Spending Hearthstone Gold
When you have some substantial Hearthstone gold already, you will be tempted to spend it of course. There are 2 ways: You can buy Expert Card Pack (100 gold) or go to Arena (free Arena pass for 1st timers, 150 gold for succeeding Arena Tickets)

By buying Expert Card Pack at 100 gold you will have better cards. An expert card pack will contain at least 1 good expert card (common, rare, epic, legendary) that will boost you card collection and deck.


In my opinion, spending Hearthstone Gold for Arena Tickets is better than buying expert pack. Yup I know in expert pack its very straightforward 100 gold for 5 cards, and Arena ticket is 150 golds, but prize starts at 1 pack (5 cards) + some dusts. But take note that in Arena the more wins the better the prizes (more dusts, more gold and more cards and decks), so you get random cards, improve your experience with the random card deck, and chance for bigger prizes.

Hearthstone Tip 6. Match Arena Hero with your Daily Hero Quests
What I mean by this Hearthstone cheat is that if you have Paladin or Warrior Dominance quest of Priest or Warlock Dominance Quest:


Then try Arena and check if any of the 4 characters (Paladin, Warrior, Priest or Warlock) are available for your Arena Play. If yes, then roll for it and hit two birds with one stone.

And that’s it. I will try to share some favorite decks I am using so  you can play around with the deck too.

Hope you liked my Free Six Hearthstone Cheats, Info and Tips here at menardconnect.com. Watch out for more Hearthstone Cheats and tips post soon…

Update: Here is my Hearthstone Deck HunterHearthstone Deck Paladin and Hearthstone Deck Shaman posts.

World of Warcraft Account Warlocked

Another Post Pictures Now Blog Details Later post but I plan to do it with a twist of free six.

I’m really excited about this post because it will be some sort of a preview of my other planned post for the future. It is also related to one of my favorite topics here which is gaming let’s try this with World of Warcraft Account Warlocked.

Free Six San Francisco Treats 2014 Edition

I was at San Francisco for the RSA 2014 last month and just like the tradition here in menardconnect.com I am posting another free six post about my San Francisco trip. For this post it’s about free six San Francisco treats (food, drinks, places or maybe a combo of any two of the three)

I really love Clam Chowder (see my 2010 and 2011 posts as forensic evidence :-p) so the first pic is Clam Chowder in sourdough bread from Boudin Cafe with matching Snapple drink.


I always make sure I eat at Boudin and/or at the Fisherman’s Wharf whenever I’m in Frisco. Yum!

Next pic is another Clam Chowder overload. This one is from the San Francisco Soup Company, Westfield food court.

A good variety of chowder, especially when you are in a hurry!

Next pic is Inay Filipino Kitchen at the Metreon Food Court.

I would like to thank Inay’s crew for serving us great Pinoy dishes during the RSA week 🙂 Their bistek, adobo and dinuguan are bestsellers!

Next is the very tasty garlic steak courtesy of The Stinking Rose. This place is great too as I had good time there with some of my good old Pinoy AV peeps.

Next is the Cybar: CodeBreakers Bash Party for RSA Conference 2014.
In the pic collage you can see Sierra Nevada Pale Ale, some samplers of what Cybar has to offer (btw, I love those fresh San Francisco catch).

Last but not the least is the pic about the thing that made sure I’m awake at RSA 2014 Tech sessions: Coffeeeeee!

6-20140226_153042This pic is taken from RSA Expo where Trend Micro (and other security vendors) sponsored free coffee.

That’s all for now.

Will post some free six about my recent Taipei trip in the coming days…


The RBC Tower 3 Project Part 2

An update post for my RBC Tower 3 Blog Project.

Rockwell Business Center Tower 3 construction project is in full swing for the last 3 months. If you are passing by Ortigas Avenue in Pasig you will definitely see some changes in the landscape of RBC.

My last post on this RBC Tower 3 Project  was on June 2013 so its really great that I do another post this week. I’m doing this blog and photo project with the unique twist: the free six way (just like my free six video and other free six blog posts). So
again here are my six pictures for my RBC Tower 3 Project:


Week 3


Week 4



Week 5



Week 6


Week 7



Week 8

Free Six Pictures: The RBC Tower 3 Project

There is a construction project going on near my workplace. They are building this Tower 3 for Rockwell Business Center and Spiderham shared some idea for a secret project he is planning for his photo blog. As I’m not a photoblogger but I do occasionally post some interesting pics here at menardconnect.com but I still I would like to do a similar project because this RBC Tower 3 construction is an interesting project (more on this “interesting” stuff in a future post). So I will do this picture project with a twist: do it the free six way (just like my free six video and other free six posts) and publish pics faster (so that crawlers can do their stuff) 🙂 .

So here are six pictures for my RBC Tower 3 Project:


Week 1 Day 3


Week 1 Day 4


Week 1 Day 5


Week 2 Day 2


Week 2 Day 3


Week 2 Day 5

As I mentioned in my previous post, I missed doing my free six series. I also missed doing some Android and mobile gaming post so why not combine them into one post 🙂
Are you looking for The Croods game cheats or The Croods game tips perhaps? Maybe you want some free Croods coins or free Croods crystals too? If yes, then you are lucky today and you have come to the right place. Just read my tips and tricks below and try it.

I discovered this Free Android App The Croods game by Rovio and Dreamworks over the weekend and I liked it very much. The Croods game is free for Android, and is also available for free to iPhones and iPads. I discovered a lot of good game tips over the weekend so in the tradition of my free six video, my six cafe world cheats, my free wow mounts and my other free six series posts, here are some Free Six The Croods Game Cheats, Tips and Tricks:

The Croods Game Cheat #1. Fastest way to level is to follow Granny and do Gran’s chores.
Yes you hairy oafs Gran gives good advices at the start of the game and this true all over the course of the game. And by doing her chores you gain good The Croods XP experience points and free Croods coins.


Just follow Gran’s advice. As much as possible DO NOT create new homes/structures yet or upgrade existing ones before Gran tells you. Because Gran will request it as the game progress and it’s a waste of time/resource re-doing the structures/upgrades.

The Croods Game Cheat #2. Group similar structures (homes) together.
Keep structures or homes close/adjacent/near each other so that it will be easier to manage. I learned this in Warcraft, Starcraft and other games and this is generally useful for most games, the Croods Game included.


Here I place my Molarbear homes and Bunny Beast homes near each other so that I can create carrots and stones faster.

The Croods Game Cheat #3.Use Capacity. Queue it.
Chores can be done in queue (or sequence) when you have needed materials.
Look at the image below. My Molarbear is currently doing 6 carrots on queue.


I can feed my Molarbear with more berries so that it can do production queue up to 16 carrots and the bar below it will reach full capacity (see next image).


Capacity can be increased when evolving homes.

The Croods Game Cheat #4. Need Free Croods Coin? Trade with Ugga and create Ugga’s soup.

This is the safest Free Croods Coins tip in-game.


This is win-win because you create soup to level up the creatures and have Free Croods Coins rewards. But if you are a rich kid then go buy some Croods coins in game.

The Croods Game Cheat #5. Be Careful with the Crystals.

On my current level, the Crood Crystals are the hardest to get and therefore the most important resource in game in my own personal opinion.

I don’t know if this is really game design or maybe my phone is just too small for the game but the upgrade using crystals mechanism is so easy to use accidentally and there is no confirmation. See image below


Yes, pressing this crystal will instantly finish the resource production or animal home upgrade. But when there are lot of clickable items in the game screen (example is that there are many items to harvest already) its really easy to accidentally hit on this crystal. But again, if you are a rich kid then go on buy some Croods crystal in game too 🙂


The Croods Game Cheat #6. Increase cave storage.
As the game progresses, cave storage becomes very important because it will tell you how many resources you can keep.


Cave storage needs lots of Croods crystals and given the difficulty of crystals in-game, I would recommend paying attention to this tip and upgrading as soon as resources permit.
As a bonus cheat: like my usual game cheats and tips post, I always encourage safe gaming, meaning don’t cheat, don’t run other app/exe/scripts/surveys that promises to give you free Croods coins or free Croods crystals. There are lots of malware, spyware, keylogger, malicious downloaders, fake apps, fake surveys out there that are masquerading as cheat tools and engines. Always be safe in your gaming. OK?

Hope you like my Free Six The Croods cheats and tips post.

Update 2013.04.20

For more the Croods tips and tricks, kindly visit my new post: Free The Croods Game Cheats and Tips Part 2

Palawan. More Fun in the Philippines!!!

Raven and I went to Palawan last month to celebrate our anniversary. We went to Puerto Princesa Underground River, we toured the islands in Honda Bay, and we also roamed around Puerto Princesa to really experience that It’s More Fun In The Philippines.

In the tradition of my six cafe world cheats, six free android fix, six free wow mount, my free six video, and six tagalog love quotes posts, I am sharing some six pictures from Palawan.
First is the rock lobster we had in Isla Pandan during our Honda Bay Tour

Add up some Alimasag (Crabs) too

And the other fare that we had for lunch in Isla Pandan (shrimp, pork chop, inihaw na isda atbp.)

Next pit stop is Badjao Seafront Restaurant, a must visit resto when you are in Puerto Princesa Palawan.

We had Spicy Squid, Garlic and Butter Lobster (again haha), Eggplant salad (see I’m eating veggies now) and local clam soup.

Last 2 pics taken at Kalui, another must visit resto when you are in Puerto Princesa Palawan.

The garlic prawn we had was really good!

And our Fruit Bowl dessert was really unique!

The Palawan pics share seems to be “bitin” (limited by free six series 🙂 ) .

Will try to sort more photos and post more about our great Palawan experience in the future (maybe a part 2 and part 3 will be coming soon).

For those who have not visited Palawan yet, I suggest you start planning as soon as possible.

Because: Palawan. It’s More Fun in the Philippines!!!