Pangandaman Golf Brawl

Today is Rizal Day. I should be writing about heroes and their commendable acts and how we should exemplify them. But here I am writing about Nasser Pangandaman Jr.  mayor of Masiu town in Lanao del Sur province, Philippines brawling up a 56-year old man and his son over some misunderstanding on a golf course… Continue reading Pangandaman Golf Brawl

My Christmas Experience

Its kinda late to say Merry Christmas so I’ll greet advance Happy New Year to all!!! Its been a long time since my last post. I went to Quezon province (Quezon Del Sur to be exact :-p ) to spend my Christmas with my family. I’d like to share my Christmas experience… the Mastercard way:… Continue reading My Christmas Experience

Obama and GMA in Manila

I always thought that Barack Obama is distancing himself with GMA, but I guess I was wrong. The video report below tells us that President-Elect Barack Obama sneaked into Malacañang, Manila over the weekend to have coffee with Madam Gloria Macapagal Arroyo. Credits to sunfish0703 for the video.


In-the-Cloud Technology Beats Malware Pollution

I finally got permission from Computerworld Philippines to post here the article that we submitted for their Viewpoints column. I am already tinkering with the WordPress post/edit stuffs, but upon checking their site today, they already posted it on their online portal 🙂 I’m posting some snippets of the article below: Web Security Lifeline: In-the-Cloud… Continue reading In-the-Cloud Technology Beats Malware Pollution

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Mybloglog widget

Hi Friends!!! I added mybloglog widget to my site. If you’re mybloglog enabled, kindly add my site. Thanks!!! Update: To those new in the blogging scene (like me), let me tell more insights on this mybloglog stuff. This widget is the one on the rightmost sidebar. Its title is Recent visitors and you need to… Continue reading Mybloglog widget

Old Spaghetti House Review

As I mentioned in the About page, I will try to post some food/resto reviews so here it goes. I accompanied Maui in her window shopping spree last weekend :-). Before we do the actual “gruelling” task of shopping, I need to make sure I have enough energy. That means FOOD. We want to have… Continue reading Old Spaghetti House Review

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NO votes win over in Quezon

The NO votes overwhelmed the YES votes in the Quezon plebiscite last Saturday. report states that around 70% percent of the votes casts are NO’s, while only 30% are in favor of split-up of the province into Quezon Del Norte and Quezon Del Sur. The report also said that that only a third of… Continue reading NO votes win over in Quezon


Plebiscite Day for Quezon

Today is the day to cast the YES or NO vote to the Quezon Del Sur and Quezon Del Norte initiative. I heard  radio reports that the precints in the province opened at 7am.  It is speculated that there will be a low turnout of voters this time because of the lack of information campaign… Continue reading Plebiscite Day for Quezon