Plebiscite Day for Quezon

Today is the day to cast the YES or NO vote to the Quezon Del Sur and Quezon Del Norte initiative. I heard¬† radio reports that the precints in the province opened at 7am.¬† It is speculated that there will be a low turnout of voters this time because of the lack of information campaign… Continue reading Plebiscite Day for Quezon


IE7 Zero-Day Exploit: JS_DLOAD.MD

Trend Micro reported that there is new malware called JS_DLOAD.MD found in the wild that exploits a vulnerability of Internet Explorer 7(IE7) browser. The report mentioned that the malicious file was uploaded to several websites (albeit unknowingly) and if downloaded by users will then download several other malware including some Trojan Spyware that steals account… Continue reading IE7 Zero-Day Exploit: JS_DLOAD.MD

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