Old Spaghetti House Review

As I mentioned in the About page, I will try to post some food/resto reviews so here it goes.

I accompanied Maui in her window shopping spree last weekend :-). Before we do the actual “gruelling” task of shopping, I need to make sure I have enough energy. That means FOOD. We want to have Razon’s Halu-halo since its one of our favorite in Robinson’s Galleria foodcourt, but decided that we will have it later after the shopping. We decided to try Old Spaghetti House (I’ve never been inside this restaurant although I remember they have one branch in Libis). I ordered Gambasetti, she ordered the pasta meal with a long filename. It was Golden Crusted Chicken Ham and Cheese with Angel Hair Pomodoro (told you it was long). I liked the Gambasetti 🙂 As the name implies its a mix of Gambas (shrimps) and spaghetti. It’s a little bit spicy for me but combined with the pasta meal, we really enjoyed our treat :-). The price is also OK, not to pricey for a pasta resto. We’ll definitely try other dishes there some other time.

Until next chowtime :@)!

NO votes win over in Quezon

The NO votes overwhelmed the YES votes in the Quezon plebiscite last Saturday. Inquirer.net report states that around 70% percent of the votes casts are NO’s, while only 30% are in favor of split-up of the province into Quezon Del Norte and Quezon Del Sur. The report also said that that only a third of all registered voters in the province joined the electoral process. The leaders of NO proponents have called on their supporters to respect the results of the plebiscite.

Its really a long day for me today. The people have spoken and I will respect the decision made via this democratic process.