In-the-Cloud Technology Beats Malware Pollution

I finally got permission from Computerworld Philippines to post here the article that we submitted for their Viewpoints column. I am already tinkering with the WordPress post/edit stuffs, but upon checking their site today, they already posted it on their online portal 🙂 I’m posting some snippets of the article below: Web Security Lifeline: In-the-Cloud… Continue reading In-the-Cloud Technology Beats Malware Pollution

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Mybloglog widget

Hi Friends!!! I added mybloglog widget to my site. If you’re mybloglog enabled, kindly add my site. Thanks!!! Update: To those new in the blogging scene (like me), let me tell more insights on this mybloglog stuff. This widget is the one on the rightmost sidebar. Its title is Recent visitors and you need to… Continue reading Mybloglog widget