Kopi Tiam North Park Review


To celebrate New Year and Baroye’s birthday, we had lunch at North Park Kopi Tiam in Horseshoe Village, Quezon City. We had our favorite Pinsec Frito as appetizer and then we had Binondo Mami soup. We also ordered their specialties: Lechon Macau, Honey Glazed Pork Ribs, and Bacon Wrapped Kani and was greatly satisfied with the food. We also tried their California Maki, but I think Japanese dishes are not their specialty. For dessert, Ujinn picked the Warm Choco Tablea (this is the winner 🙂 ) and Magne tried the Capuccino Mousse.

Warm Choco Tablea and Capuccino Mousse

Warm Choco Tablea and Capuccino Mousse

According to Wikipedia, “Kopi Tiam” is a traditional breakfast and coffee shop found in Singapore and Malaysia. Kopi Tiam in the Philippines offer’s North Park’s familiar dishes. North Park site describes it the place “as a cozy and sophisticated ambiance with quiet nooks for intimate conversations, it’s a new place for you and your date to explore and taste” and Raven and I definitely agree to this description

When we left the place we were all full and stuffed 🙂 and everybody (including my mom) is happy. Whenever you’re in the Santolan/Horse Shoe Village area in Quezon City  you should give this place a try.

Happy New Year y’all!

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