Skype Chat Invite Leads to Pr0n Site

Personal Experiences

Skype is a normal thing for me. It keeps me connected to my colleagues and friends who, for one reason or another, do not have Yahoo Messenger, AOL Instant Messenger or ICQ (more common chat applications for me)

But interesting scenarios can also happen with Skype.
Take this example:
An unknown girl user pops a message to me


Her photo in the profile is not so bad (it depends on each individual’s taste I guess) and may even be considered by many as “seductive”.

Remember what our parents told us when we were kids? “Never talk to strangers!”. But hey I say to myself I’m a big boy now and I can handle myself. (In a more serious tone: I’m overexposed to these kinds of stuffs given the industry that I’m into (see my about page), so do not worry! But a small warning: Kids: Do not try this at home).

I gamely reply some 1 or 2-liners. “What?” or “Who you?”

She replies with some more cheesy or seductive lines like: “I’m so lonely!” or “I want to meet some people“.

Jackpot? Well not quite.

I reply some classic 1-liner. “OK” or “Yes”

She invites me to do some dirty stuff. Read on…


The real mature instincts in me takes over. NO outright clicks. Did my quickie research and Bingo!!! Confirmed link is a p0rn/pr0n site. Pr0n sites do more damage than good. Did the right thing:


Block this person from contacting me again 🙂 Click OK button.

End of Story.

My guess: Most probably this chatter is a bot and it sends out advertisements for their adult site. I did the common 1 or 2-word replies so that the bot will likely respond positively (and then I have a story to post here 🙂 ).

Moral lesson of the story:

1. Be Smart! Stay safe online!

2. Parents, this may happen to your kids. So spend some quality online time with them (This can happen in YM, AOL and ICQ too)

I hope this makes sense.

Hope you always have a safe online experience.

P.S. Don’t ask me to give out the pr0n site link. I won’t give in 🙂

If you have same experiences online, kindly drop me some comments.