Barack Obama Live Inauguration Video

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Today is Inauguration Day of Barack Obama, President of the United States of America. There are many sites out there offering live video coverage and all those free stuffs. But one last reminder: please be careful, some of these sites may be scam sites or worst… they have redirects to malicious content (read: malware).

TrendLabs reported a noticeable malware activities related to Barack Obama and his inauguration day. The activities started last week and new Downad, Waledac, and Bancos malware variants were found to be riding on the Obama inauguration event. Some URLs are sent via unsolicited mails (read: SPAM) and are using social engineering techniques that fool internet users that they came from respectable news agency like CNN. Full Details HERE and HERE.

My advise/s for the day:
1. Stick to respectable news and information sites (CNN, Time, Google, Yahoo, etc.)
2. Verify your URLs (the ones after the http thingie). Respectable news and information sites usually do not have redirects to other sites (other than their own).
3. Make sure your Antivirus and other security software programs are up to date. And of course your Operating Systems (OS) should be patched. I know AV software program may not be enough, but AV + patched OS is a good start.
4. Be safe online.

Hope this makes sense.

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