Menardconnect Supports WordPress “Thank a Plugin Developer” Day

As suggested by Matt in his Thank a Plugin Developer Day post in, I took some time off the usual tasks and went to WP plugin and theme developers site and contact page and sent some thank you notes. I have not thanked all yet so I hope it can be a week for thank you’s and not just a day. Sorry guys, its just thank you notes for now, no money for paypal yet.

Again, my warmest thanks to all the developers of plugins and themes and all those stuffs in WP. This is really a great community and I am glad to be part of it.

Mcdonald’s sponsors Eraserheads Reunion Concert in March 2009?

I don’t watch TV that often, but when I do and I like the commercial, it really sticks into my head. And this one is my LCS (last commercial syndrome): Mcdonald’s “First Love” Featuring Eheads Ang Huling El Bimbo:

My housemates say that this was on the TV some weeks ago,
which makes me think that the timing coincides with the announcement of Eraserheads Reunion Concert Part 2 The Final Set.

So is Mcdonald’s one of the major sponsors of the Reunion Concert Part 2? Ok maybe a minor sponsor? Or maybe they will own exclusive rights of selling burgers in the SM Mall of Asia grounds concert venue on March 7, 2009 🙂 . I remember seeing Mcdo crew members selling burgers at the Fort venue during the 1st concert. So this is just my wild guess okay??? If you know some insider details on this deal, put some comments here or send me a note via my contact page. 🙂

Credits to canonberg for posting this in youtube.