San Miguel Beer = Free Eraserheads Concert Tickets?

A good friend of mine forwarded an email containing some unconfirmed gig. Header is San Miguel Pale Pilsen Sarap Magbabad Freeze The Summer (SMB Summer campaign). It bannered the photos of Bamboo, Chito of Parokya ni Edgar and Ely of Eraserheads. The text read: 3 Bands. Only 1 Legendary Beer. I do not know if… Continue reading San Miguel Beer = Free Eraserheads Concert Tickets?

Ticketworld Outlets – Where you can buy Eheads Concert Tickets

I got a lot of inquiries on where can they buy tickets for the Eraserheads Concert 2009. I refer them to the ticketworld site but they are still asking where is this ticketworld. And since I love my readers + fellow Eraserheads fans I did some research and put this info all in one page:… Continue reading Ticketworld Outlets – Where you can buy Eheads Concert Tickets

Crazy Gasoline Prices

I really do not understand why these unleaded gasoline prices are so unstable nowadays. Take for example this gasoline station in San Juan last week wherein I just loaded 500 pesos worth of gas. And then after two days, I stumbled upon another gasoline station on the same city (San Juan) two kilometers from the… Continue reading Crazy Gasoline Prices

STOYA: Open Party Scandal

Update 02.26.2009 This open party issue on 24 Oras, Yahoo and GMANEWS.TV is familiar 🙂 Sorry I haven’t seen it in TV but just read the article via Yahoo Messenger Featured Article. Some definitions first: An open party is a party organized by a class or organization from a school (usually biggie name private schools)… Continue reading STOYA: Open Party Scandal

Free Six Facebook Tips

In tradition of the Free Six Video and six tagalog love quotes posts, I’m bringing you some Free Six Facebook Tips. If you’re concerned on your privacy with Facebook read on: 1. Decide on your use of Facebook If you’re going to use it purely for getting in touch with your loved ones, family and… Continue reading Free Six Facebook Tips

Happy Valentines Day

I’m back in Manila! It’s nice to be back here on the Hearts Day! And to greet you all on this special day, here’s the cheesiest valentines quote I recently read on the net: You must be a thief because you stole my heart. You must be tired because you are always running through my… Continue reading Happy Valentines Day

Din Tai Fung

A Taipei visit will not be complete without a dinner at Din Tai Fung. This restaurant is famous for its Xiaolongbao (hope I got it correctly 🙂 ) a tasty dumpling treat with meat and broth inside the dumpling wrapper. We waited for 20 minutes because of the long queue and then we ordered xiaolongbao,… Continue reading Din Tai Fung