Din Tai Fung


A Taipei visit will not be complete without a dinner at Din Tai Fung. This restaurant is famous for its Xiaolongbao (hope I got it correctly 🙂 ) a tasty dumpling treat with meat and broth inside the dumpling wrapper.


We waited for 20 minutes because of the long queue and then we ordered xiaolongbao, hot sour soup and pork chop with rice (my personal favorite). First-timers usually wonder how do they put the broth inside the xiaolongbao, but I believe that’s worth another post. The preparation of the dumpling is done at the central kitchen where most of the patrons can see it. And the service is really great.

Din Tai Fung

I guess this resto is known worldwide. They have branches in US, Australia, Japan, China, Singapore and South Korea. Wikipedia even mentioned that they were ranked  as one of the Top Ten Restaurants by New York Times in the year 1993.

Last year, I also had the chance to watch them on cable television in Manila (can’t remember if its Discovery channel or another station) and they are featuring it for having the record of most number of dumplings prepared and sold  in one day.

I remember last month Raven and I went to a popular dimsum place in Gateway and ordered the same fare, but I guess nothing beats this one from Taiwan.

Hey this is not a paid post! I am just sharing my experience with this wonderful food place.

Whenever your in Taipei, try to check this out ok?

I’ll update this or do a follow up post next week.