Downad, Conficker and April 1

A friend asked me about the conficker/downad malware on our yahoogroups. I replied that since I am not allowed to do official PR’s (Press Releases) on this issue, I will just post some publicly available articles related to the conficker/downad malware (and some of my personal opinions if I will have some extra time). So… Continue reading Downad, Conficker and April 1

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Pacquiao Hatton Fight on Solar Sports (and GMA-7 too)

[Update 05.03.2209] View results here at Pacquiao Hatton Results post. [Update 04.13.2009] I have posted some new video on Pacquiao Hatton HBO 24/7 Trailer plus one trainer trash talking. I was watching TV last weekend and saw several GMA-7 Flash Report on the Pacquiao–Solar Sports–ABS-CBN love triangle issue. The lawyer of Pacquiao is reading some… Continue reading Pacquiao Hatton Fight on Solar Sports (and GMA-7 too)

TriNoma Cinema and Watchmen

After having dinner with some friends and buying some things at TriNoma, Raven and I decided to take a break and watch a movie yesterday. We picked Watchmen since it’s related to one of her projects at work. Below is the trailer video courtesy of youtube: Watchmen is not your usual superhero in a costume… Continue reading TriNoma Cinema and Watchmen

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