Annoying Spam SMS of the Week

Personal Experiences

My definition for Spam SMS are unsolicited SMS (Short Messaging Service) messages that are junk and not needed. Most probably you do not know the sender. You also did not subscribe to receive such kinds of sms. They are not SMS scam per se, but they are annoying nonetheless.

SMS #1

Bulk SMS Sending from Mobile Marketing! Send thousands of SMS easily from the computer. Political Campaign, Promotions.Call 0922xxxxxxx / txt ur email or fax #

SMS #2

Good day!

Need cash fast?
Avail a n0n-collateral cash loan at xxxxxTxxxT Bank.
As low as 1.39% interest monthly, a minimum of
50thousand up to maximum of 1Million.

For more information,
please call at 02-xxxxxxx or yyyyyyy
and look for AAAA.

*SELF-EMPL0YED and PROFESSIONALS are now accepted.

(Note: This is randomly selected and manualy generated text message, if you are not interested just disregard this message.)


Hi!Good day!We offer 1 day process & No processing fee to AVAIL our CASH LOAN from xxxxxTxxxT BANK.Pls. Call xxx-xxxx / yyy-yyyy or zzz-zzzz.Look for aaa bbbb cccc or dddd.Ty

I have bleeped details to protect their privacy of the senders. Let me know if you are also receiving such spam sms and related junk messages by putting some comments at the end of the post.

Update: 2009.08.20.

I am updating this post and put all unsolicited sms messages from this blog:

PGMA CHARITY FOUNDATION, informing you that ur CELL# had w0n 950,000,00 2ndprize last Aug13,09. DTI#01401 series of 2009 PLS call us NW,im,£eah lopez,

Sender: +639265433382

EREC*TILE PRO*BLEM? Try “H****CS” Now! An amazing food supplement from Korea. Enhance your L*bido & Boost your Energy – Call 561xxyy/563zzzz or visit www.h****cs.***.

Sender: +639278174654

Good News!
Claim your FREE MEDICAL PRIVILEGE CARD from xxxxxxx HEALTH SHIELD. Plus an additional raffle entry for our KITCHEN SHOWCASE DRAW. To claim this PRIVILEGES please call (02) xxyyzzz (02) aabbccc upon receipt of this message from 9am-5pm.Mon-sat. Look for Ms. “Jane Doe” . Many Thanks, God Bless. Call NOW to secure an additional 50,000 HOUSEHOLD CONTENT FIRE INSURANCE. (DISREGARD IF CLAIMED)

Cashloan fr Bdo n Chnatrust for as low as 1.2 per mo.Int.CAR FINANCING BRANDNEW N 2ND HAND UNIT!CAR MORTGAGE ‘ORCR’ ONLY! Truck loan n Property Loan!Interestd.You may kol ms.xxxxx at aabbccc, ddeeffff, gghhiiii.Or email at “spammername”!

Gud day! SCB gives personal loan 50k to 2M For only 1.28% up to 48 months.Plus get a FREE ZEST AIR Fare. 4 more details call xxxyyzz luk 4 GERALD.GOD BLESS

Gud News 2 all Employees! Need Cash fast ! BoroW avail fr.30K up2 1milion as low 1.39% int/mo. Atleast w/15K basic salary Jus prepare ur reqts aTTN.MS.JHEN aaabbcc/dddeeff. w/c itr 2316,1mo. lates payslip,2id’s & ader govt id bak2 bak w/3 signature.& optional latest COE w/ brekdown inc. from.-citibank,Maybank, GE Money bank, premier bnk,planters bnk,standard chartered & .If ntrested,u may tex ur name, company & tel. #Thanks