Marble Slab Concoctions

It’s summertime! A good way to beat the heat is to go out and have some ice cream. I know a perfect place: Nestle Creamery!


The one on the right is the Vanilla Rocher Crunch for me. It comes with a cone to munch. It’s a house specialty of Nestle Creamery, vanilla ice cream mixed in the cold marble slab. We usually order it with extra streusel bits.


The one on the left is for Raven: Blueberry Crumble, another house specialty. It’s vanilla ice cream mixed with blueberry and other yummy stuffs.


A closer look at my vanilla rocher:


After finishing the ice cream you feel like you won the minor price in Philippine Lotto ๐Ÿ™‚

Special thanks to for the inspiration (I like your Halu-Halo post).

If you want to know more about the ice cream place or you have other yummy links to beat the summer heat, kindly leave some comments here.

Adobe Releases Acrobat 9.1 Update

Adobe released some updates for Adobe Reader 9.1 and Acrobat 9.1. The company said that these updates solve the recent JBIG2 security issue (If you’re geeky and know CVE, the exact vulnerability is CVE-2009-0658).

Quoting the Adobe Product Security Incident Response Team

We encourage all Adobe Reader users to download and install the free Adobe Reader 9.1. The Adobe Reader 9.1 update is available here. Acrobat 9 users should refer to the Security Bulletin for download details

Read complete details here.

Calling all PDF files users, time to patch up your Acrobat readers. I tried it and its around 40 MB of download. Who uses PDFs? Let me see, free ebooks from blogs and sites usually comes in PDFs so that’s one group.

Hope this helps.

My Eraserheads Concert 2009 Experience

March 7, 2009 is really a fun fine time.

Just want to share some highlights of the Eraserheads Concert 2009


1. Opening song is Magasin. With matching fireworx!
2. From my Concert Day Wish List, the following songs were played:

  • Fine Time
  • Wishing Wells
  • Sembreak (bonus track)
  • SuperProxy (Dedicated to Francis M)
  • Magasin (opening)
  • Ang Huling El Bimbo (Last song)
  • Pare Ko
  • Alkohol
  • Maling Akala
  • Back2me
  • Spolarium
  • Overdrive
  • Poormanโ€™s Grave

13/15 ๐Ÿ™‚ We’re so happy. This is like winning the Philippine Lotto

3. Ely’s Magasin spin (“Medyo panget ka pa noon, hanggang ngayon“)

4. Maling Akala outro spin (Konting kuskos, Ayus! referring to a detergent bar ad tagline)

5. Ely distributed the workload (of lead vocals), I think this is a good strategy so that he will not be stressed to much.
6. We love Marcus’ version of Wag mo ng Itanong! This is a winner version! Remind me to find a video and lyrics for this song (Wag mo nang itanong! Di ko rin sasasbihin sa yo (reggae(?))

7. Raymund did some hell of a great performance out there ๐Ÿ™‚ (Slo Mo, Alkohol and Insomnya)
8. Fine Time and Wishing Wells. Back to Back! Wow! I have to kiss Raven twice :*
9. Pare Ko lyrics spin (menardconnect might be censored ๐Ÿ™‚

10. Kailan’s piano version (Solo Ely)

11. SuperProxy was dedicated to Francis “Kiko” Magalona
12. The band played part of Kaleidoscope World. Another tribute to Kiko
13. Last song is Ang Huling El Bimbo. Nice Fireworks and Confetti!!! I will try if I can post my one and only video shot in youtube
14. Ely poured some lighter fluid on a piano props and lighted it.
Its like some sort of a closure I guess
15. The concert supposedly ended. The people were already leaving the concert grounds and Raven and I were buying some drinks near the exit, but the band members came back on stage. They too were “Bitin”
16. They did “Three for the road” extra songs. Ligaya, Sembreak, and Toyang
17. I’m correct. Mcdonald’s is the exclusive provider of hamburgers in the concert grounds ๐Ÿ™‚
18. I guess the band is more relaxed this time compared to the first reunion concert.
17. Whenever the crowd will request for “Group Hug” Ely will retort “Kayo Muna”.
Some pics that I got from my camera (sorry its low res)





No Super Proxy Shirt yet
No Super Proxy Shirt yet

I got the song list courtesy of Azrael

1st Set
1. Magasin
2. Walang Nagbago
3. Maling Akala
4. Maskara
5. Poorman’s Grave
6. Waiting for the Bus
7. Huwag mo ng Itanong (Marcus Version)
8. Slo Mo
9. Alkohol (Raymund)
10. Insomnya (Raymund)
11. Torpedo

2nd Set
12. Julie Tearjerky
13. Tikman
14. Wishing Wells
15. Fine Time
16. Pare Ko
17. Kailan (Piano version solo by Ely)
18. Back2Me
19. Trip to Jerusalem
20. Spoliarium
21. Overdrive
22. Super Proxy
23. Minsan
24. Alapaap
25. Kaleidoscope World
26. Ang Huling El Bimbo

Bonus Track: “3 for the Road”
27. Ligaya
28. Sembreak
29. Toyang



Cant wait for the Eraserheads Concert 2009 CD and DVD ๐Ÿ™‚

Update 04.04.2009
The Eraserheads Concert 2009 will be shown on GMA-7 on April 5, 2009. Read this Eraserheads Concert 2009 in GMA-7 on April 5

Concert Day!

We will be going to Mall of Asia in a while. I know March 7 will be a Fine Fine Time, but yesterday’s news was really a sad one. I know the band will pay tribute to Kiko later.

Going back, what songs am I’m wishing and hoping to hear later?

Fine Time, Wishing Wells, Sembreak (repeat), SuperProxy (a tribute I guess), Magasin, Kamasupra (repeat), Ang Huling El Bimbo, Pare Ko, Alkohol, Easy ka lang, Maling Akala, Back2me, Spolarium, Overdrive, Poorman’s Grave.

Hehe, the list may be long already, and I’m not a spoiled brat, when I hear 1 or 2 of my wish list and I will be very (sticker) happy.

Rock en Roll Buong Taon!


Francis Magalona: 1964-2009

Its all over the net and the blogosphere now I guess. Francis M, the Master Rapper, Kiko, The Man from Manila… already left us. This was announced in noontime show Eat Bulaga today.

Video courtesy of Youtube and cisfran21

Read other details here.

Iโ€™m at loss for words to describe my feeling. Tomorrow is Eraserheads Concert 2009 so I should be happy, but with this news… itโ€™s just so sad ๐Ÿ™

To give tribute to Francis M, Iโ€™m posting this Eraserheads song he revived/collab with Ely (Eraserheads Jam CD Track 9).

(Update 03.07.2009)

I watched EB and saw FrancisM’s last live performance in national TV.

Video Courtesy of Youtube and PinoyBiscuits. Love link to this their blog also

I agree with the song (listen at the rap of FM and EB)! There’s no substitute for the REAL.

SuperProxy 2k6

Sawa ka na ba sa mga hassle sa buhay mo
Ayaw mo na bang mag-isip para sa sarili
Tinatamad ka ng bumyahe
Ang gusto mo’y nakahiga na lang
Napapagod ka na ba sa kayayakap sa asawa mo

Ito ang kailangan mo
I-dial lang ang telepono

Hindi na dapat maghirap
Sa iisang iglap ang buhay ay sasarap
Wag nang mag-atubili kumuha ng

Ako ay kaibigan na lagi mong maasahan
Umulan man o umaraw ay nariyan kapag kailangan
Ito ay special offer sa mga taong katulad mo
Gamitin ang iyong bulsa para guminhawa

Ako ang kailangan mo
Isaksak na ang modem nyo

Ako ang bahala sa ‘yo
Ang buhay mo ay buhay ko


(Francis M)
Come and take a sip from the cup as the drink makes you think
Don’t blink ‘coz you’ll be taken out by the pen and ink
Superproxy, why don’t y’all just talk to me
My rhyme be stickin to ya head like epoxy
This is how it should be done, ‘coz this rhyme is identical to none
3 Stars and a sun in one sky so high, one-nine-nine-five until we die
We on a mission to surf and ride the waves all the way to cyberspace we gonna stay
We on a mission to surf and ride the waves all the way to cyberspace uhh

(Ely B)
And so it was without a fuss we kill the buzz
Surrounding this delusional, irrational thing we call massive entertainment
Time to return the favor kick out the jams with the freeman flavor
Take it from survivor, the search is over
I’ve found the best forget the rest
Erase it, replace it but never duplicate it
‘Coz institutions are boring there’s no substitute for the real thing

There’s no substitute for the REAL THING
There’s no substitute for the REAL

There’s no substitute for the REAL.

Wala kameng mahahanap na superproxy mo. Rest in peace Kiko! You will always live in our hearts and in our music.

My condolences to Kiko’s family.

Wishing Wells and Magic Spells

4 Days to go!!!

Remember the Enervon tickets I mentioned in my Free Six Eraserheads Concert Info and Tips post. The organizers called me a few minutes ago and confirmed I’ve won a pair of bronze tickets. Nice ๐Ÿ™‚

To celebrate let me post one of my favorite eheads song:

Wishing Wells
by Eraserheads

I wish I could go back to those fairy book tales
Forget the real world a while and seek the seas of the talking whales
A place called wishing wells and magic spells (2x)

Where everything starts out a once upon an time long long ago

And lives happily ever after… a ha ha… yeah yeah

I could go up hill and run with Jill
The Giant could smell I’m no Englishman
Cinderella danced with me at the ball
I told the Queen of Hearts about my plan
I travelled the wonderland with Alice
I met with Snow White in the woods
I flew with Peter Pan in Neverneverland
Picked some berries with Miss Red Riding Hood

(Repeat Chorus)

I could be an outlaw in the west
Save damsels in distress
You could sleep a hundred years
I will wake you up with a kiss
We’ll swim the seven seas
We can make love more than twice
Fly like dragons in the skies
We could hang around on trees
Buzz around like bees
We can make some honey,

We don’t need no money baby
Just turn your back, You’ll see jumpin’ jellybean sack
Just wait for me Jack I’ll be back, I’ll be back

(Repeat Chorus)

A place called wishing wells and magic spells (3x)

Definitely there will be Magic Spells on March 7, 2009 the day of Eraserheads Concert 2009.

Kitakits! ๐Ÿ™‚

Free Six Eraserheads Concert 2009 Info and Tips

Yahoooo! 5 days to go!!!
In the tradition of my Free Six Video and my six tagalog love quotes posts I am posting some Free Six Info and Tips for the Eraserheads Concert 2009.

1. Here is the Eraserheads concert layout on Mall of Asia Grounds. I found this cool eheads site called so Iโ€™m giving them some link love.

2. If you are going to the concert and youโ€™re bringing your ride, I suggest you park on the SM Department Store side and NOT on the SM Hypermart side. But if you want to exercise by walking a long long way , then park anywhere ๐Ÿ™‚

If you still donโ€™t have tickets for the concert, here are some deals I recently researched:
3. Enervon is giving away some tickets. They dubbed it as โ€œMas Happy Raffle Promoโ€ you just need to buy some Enervon products from their booth and they are raffling out some tickets at the end of the day.

4. Mysandbox is giving away tickets. Honestly I don’t know this mysandbox site, their about page says:

Sandbox is a portal that brings content and services you love on the web all in one place.
In Sandbox, you can create a profile and update your status for your friends to see. You can upload and view photos and videos, write a blog or join a forum discussion. You can send and receive email and download music, games and various other content.

I saw some of their ads via blogbank (sorry Iโ€™m not an publisher/affiliate, but I love to try it out in the future) so this is worth a try. More details here

5. Smart is giving away concert tickets too. Read details here.

So Mcdonaldโ€™s, San Miguel Beer, then Enervon, Mysandbox and Smart. Hehehe, so many sponsors ๐Ÿ™‚

And the last oneโ€ฆ
6. Still desperate to have some Eraserheads tickets? Try betting on Philippine Lotto.
You still have Super Lotto 6/49 draw on Tuesday and Thursday plus the Mega Lotto 6/45 on Wednesday. I reserve the Friday for you:

  • to get your winnings in the PCSO office
  • and go to Ticketworld to buy the tickets

Hope you enjoy my post ๐Ÿ™‚