Are You Daring (enough) To Challenge MyBrute?

MyBrute is a flash-based internet browser game. I first heard it from some blogger friends but I just ignored it. Recently some friends from work recommended that I challenged their brute. So I decided to give it a try and guess what? It was fun and a good stress buster ๐Ÿ™‚

This is a good prep up game for the upcoming Pacquiao Hatton bout.

Would you like to challenge my brute? Kindly go to or click

RSA 2009 Day 2

Some of my favorite topics for the RSA 2009 Day 2:
On the keynotes side:

  • I like the Moving Towards ‘End to End Trust’: A Collaborative Effort from MS’s Scott Charney. It shows the effort and commitment of MS on building the trust from end to end perspective.

On the afternoon sessions its worth mentioning the following:

  • Cloud Security Panel Discussion with Trend Micro’s Eva Chen, Zscaler’s Jay Chaudry. The two have good and interesting agreement and disagreement points during the panel.
  • Social Networks: The New Frontier for Malware, Spam and Identity Theft is a lively session. Of course we have Graham Clueley of Sophos. He presented the hot social networks and how bad stuffs interact with them.
  • In Crash Course: How to Become a Successful Online Fraudster, Uri Chavner of RSA shares his experiences on online fraud, and discusses the “career path” of the fraudster. Will you be a harvesting fraudster or a cash out fraudster?

Like my RSA 2009 Day 1 post and in the tradition of my free six video and my six tagalog love quotes posts I am sharing some another six pictures of the IT Security Vendors that I chanced upon in RSA2009.


Cisco’s The Realm


Simply Google


IBM’s smarter planet


We got Intel


Microsoft End to End Trust


And Oracle

RSA 2009 Day 1

First things first, what is RSA 2009 Conference? It is the biggest Information Security Industry Conference and Exposition. I promised in my last post that I will update this blog with my San Francisco and RSA adventures so here we goโ€ฆ

Monday, April 20, 2009 is Day 1 for the RSA 2009 conference in San Francisco. Highlights of the day are the Registration at the Moscone Center, Welcome Reception and Exposition.

We went to the Moscone Center at around 9AM and registered. Registration a breeze, itโ€™s really an efficient process (and high-tech too). You will line up in booths with laptops and enter your name (as we are pre-registered). Then next pit stop will be the printing station, where conference badges will be printed. Sometimes a photo ID will be asked to validate your identity (so itโ€™s always a good idea to bring your Philippine Passport all the time). RSA2009 badges have built-in RF chip which is kinda cool (see details below). Next you need to get your conference materials and other RSA stuffs (bags, etc). If RSA 2007 was a windbreaker (with RSA 2009 and Symantec logo), this year it is a dark sweat shirt, with the logo of the major sponsors (Cisco, Mcafee, Qualys, CA, IBM, and TippingPoint) on the sleeves.


Conference theme is Edgar Allan Poe. He was not just a poet and a journalist; he was an accomplished cryptographer of his time.


Day 1 is a light day with registration on the morning, and some non technical sessions. I skipped the First-Time Attendee Orientation, since this is my 2nd RSA and went directly to the welcome reception.

In the welcome reception, food and drinks are served in the exposition hall. In the exposition hall different IT security vendors showcase their products and interact with the delegates and attendees. If you are really lucky, some vendors raffle out great items (Wii, netbooks, gadgets, etc) so if one is really a luck magnet (even if you still have not won in Philippine lotto) they just need to scan your badge with the vendor.

One great thing I noted in RSA 2009 is that they are very eco-friendly now. Lots of lots of eco-friendly bags are hanging out there for the delegates. Most of it are just like the SM Bonus Green bag ๐Ÿ™‚ but some bags are great.


And in the tradition of my free six video and my six tagalog love quotes posts, I am sharing some free six pictures of the IT Security Vendors that I chanced upon in RSA2009. The list is a long one so for this post, I will limit it to AV companies.

CA’s Take Control Campaign

Kaspersky’s medieval theme ๐Ÿ™‚

Mcafee the sponsor

Sophos’ Let Them Audit

Symantec’s STR type hero ๐Ÿ™‚

Trend Micro’s Think Again Campaign

Google Ranking Algo Change Over Time

I have read a good article explaining the author’s opinion on how Google Ranking changed over time. IMHO, the article have a great content and good visualization, hence I will be posting some snippets of it (and add some comments) here in my blog.

Complete article in the SEOMOZ site. Special credits to Rand Fishkin.

A brief dissection of the criteria:
* Domain Trust/Authority – I think this was a factor that most SEOs did not seriously feel until after the Florida update (November of 2003), after which it skyrocketed into consciousness, crept along for a bit, and over the last couple of years, has become the dominant factor in the success of rankings at Google. That’s not to say that things like exact-match domain names + lots of anchor text from diverse root domains can’t still overwhelm the occasional page from Wikipedia, Amazon or the BBC, but the preferential treatment has reached new heights.

This is a new knowledge for me. I have subscribed to their blog ๐Ÿ™‚ As a newbie blogger, I hope I can learn more on this area.

*Anchor Text in External Links – While this is still a very powerful ranking tactic, it’s not the powerhouse it once was, and before ~2004, I really felt that it didn’t carry the same power it did for those years afterwards. Today, my belief is that anchor text has come to be regarded much as PageRank was after its dominance in the algorithm – as a technique that SEOs have focused on gaming to such an extent that much of it has become noise, and it’s only really valuable when found in conjunction with other positive signals (or at least, this is how Google thinks now, and their algorithm is still moving in transit towards that destination).

*On-Page Keyword Usage – There’s little doubt that when I initially started doing SEO, even Google was more susceptible to keyword stuffing. Incidentally, I think this gave rise to the myth of keyword density as a ranking factor (or at least, didn’t help slow it down). Today, it’s not lost all of its ranking power, but it still sits in the middle as an essential element, but one where “more” won’t help you. This is in direct contrast to the other elements I’ve included in this diagram (where more does equal better rankings).

*Raw PageRank / Link Juice – In the early days of my SEO career, PageRank was everything (or nearly everything). Manipulating rankings was as easy as getting a few high PageRank links, and this exploit, along with Google’s display of PageRank in the toolbar, built industries of link sellers and buyers we still see today. In 2003, PageRank was already on the decline as a ranking factor – a decline that has continued to this day. My feeling is that now PageRank can still make some difference, but it’s much more effective for Google as a determining factor for inclusion in the index and comparison against duplicates & scrapers.

Linkjuice, on-page keyword, anchor text. Before, these terms really makes my nose bleed, but now it is kinda bearable already. I’m not an expect, but I acknowledge that I’ve got tons of stuffs to learn here. As the old movie phrase goes. “Marami pa akong kakaining bigas!”. ๐Ÿ™‚

San Francisco – Day 1

We arrived safely in San Francisco late Saturday night. I’m still a little bit sleepy today (jet lag?) so I did not roam around much. In the tradition of my free six video post, I am sharing some free six pictures I’ve taken in the Union Square, the central shopping and hotel district in downtown San Francisco.

Union Square
This is the statue of Victory on top of the monument dedicated to George Dewey.

The words on the monument up close. This monument was erected to honor Commodore Dewey and the victory of the Battle of Manila Bay. Wow I’m brushing up my world and Philippine history here.

Dewey Monument Union Square
Complete details for Menard’s history refresher. I’ts good to know that Manila and San Francisco are good friends.

San Francisco Union Square Monument
This is the attack order. Attack! Go! Go! Go!
Off-topic: I remember I am poor at naval battles in both the Civilization game and the Warcraft 2 skirmishes.

Boudin Sourdough Pepperoni Pizza
Just like in my taipei visit post, I post the food and fastfood store that saved me. This is Boudin’s Sourdough Pepperoni Pizza my brunch. I was thinking of ordering the Clam Chowder in Sourdough Bread but of course I’m reserving that delicacy to the Fisherman’s Wharf Visit.

Band and Street Concert
At night, enterprising bands set up their instruments on the sidewalks and play for free (although they say they have their CDs that you can buy if you like to help them).

Where’s the picture of the shops? Oh that will be part of another post.

At the Airport

I’m now blogging from the laptop station of Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) Terminal 2 using free wifi I hijacked somewhere.

Unlike my last Taipei Trip the airport is not too crowded now. I got this habit of coming to the airport early for a US trip since last year (I made some major booboo that caused me to miss my flight) and to kill some time while not blog from here right?

Where the heck I’m going? I’m attending RSA 2009. This trip is the reason why I will not make it for the DefconPH Beertalk next week.

I will update my blog with my San Francisco adventures.

Spam SMS of the Week – Part 3

A follow up post for my annoying Spam SMS post.

Some unsolicited SMS messages we got over the past few weeks.


Greetings! This is <name here> of <name of company here>, Inc. We’re looking for result-oriented individuals who want to work with us on a PARTTIME or FULLTIME basis. You are cordially invited to our much-awaited Business Symposium on <date and time here> @ <exact address here> ADB Ave. cor Garnet Rd. Ortigas, Pasig City (bck of Robinsons Galleria). Outline of events include: Busines & Livelihood Opportunities, FREE TRANSFERABLE COLLEGE SCHOLARSHIP PLAN, a chance 4 an all expense paid US trip w/ multiple entry visa assistance. Come & b part of this once-in-a-lifetime event. Interested pls reply w/ ur cmplete nme & area 4 free seat reservation ex: “YES, IM INTERESTED-Juan Dela Cruz/Makati”. Reserve NOW!

Business Symposium? All expense paid US Trip with multiple visa?

I don’t want to comment further. All I’m saying here in my blog is that this SMS is unsolicited. Period.

SMS #2

Hi!Good day!We offer 1 day process & No processing fee to AVAIL our CASH LOAN from CHINATRUST BANK.Pls. Call xxx-yyyy / aaa-bbbb or ccc-dddd.Look for REY DELA CRUZ or CHAT.Ty

Rey is a regular sender ๐Ÿ™‚


Malapit ka ng bumingo o tumama sa Philippine Lotto sa akin ha ๐Ÿ˜€

If you are the sender of this Spam SMS, and wish to contact me, drop me some message via my contact page.

Yahoo, Pacquiao, Hatton, Mayweather Sr. and Roach

I was checking my Yahoo Mail and was surprised to see their splash screen. It seems Yahoo is รผber promoting Boxing now!


My theory was: This in line with the Pacquiao Hatton boxing match happening on May 2, 2009. But the boxer wears eyeglasses, so definitely this is not Manny Pacquiao or Ricky Hatton. So it must be Freddie Roach ๐Ÿ™‚

Here, take another look:

OK. Enough of my trivia and theory.

Some real boxing stuffs I found in the web. The Manny Pacquiao and Ricky Hatton HBO 24/7 Trailer Teaser

Video courtesy of Youtube and HBO.

And speaking of the trainers, it seem Mayweather Sr. is throwing some cheap shots at Freddie Roach. Nice trash talk there Mr. Floyd Sr. ๐Ÿ™‚

Video courtesy of Youtube and ESNews.

I will try my luck on Philippine Lotto and if I will win the jackpot I will buy some tickets and watch it live. Hehe! wishful thinking ๐Ÿ™‚

Definitely I support Pacman and his team!

Are you a Pacquiao fan? Or a Hatton fan? Leave some comments here

Fried Chicken, Crispy Pata atbp.

After my self-imposed no-blogging day for the holy days (Holy Thursday, Good Friday and Black Saturday) I am posting another food adventure that we had as part of our Quezon visit. And in the tradition of my free six video and my six tagalog love quotes post, here are some pictures of the six foodstuffs that we feasted on.

Introducing the Fried Chicken,ย  Fish in Light Soy Sauce and Crispy Pata
Friedchicken-Crispy Pata

Add some fresh Lumpiang Ubod.


And Sinigang na Baboy (in the pot) and ChopSuey for some vegetable treat.


We had it at Maxโ€™s Lucena Diversion Road (sorry not exactly sure if this part is Lucena City or Sariaya or Tayabas town, but itโ€™s the lone Maxโ€™s restaurnat branch in the diversion road). The attendants were kind and courteous, so if you are in the area and need some good food visit them OK? (hey this is not a paid post ๐Ÿ™‚ )

I know this is a simple treat for some, but enjoying these food with your family makes it extraordinary, itโ€™s like winning the Philippine Lotto.

Happy Easter y’all!

Pinagong Atbp.

As promised in my last post, I will blog something about the food trip we had during our recent visit to Quezon Province. So here it is:

First on the list is Pinagong. Pinagong is a kind of bread. They say a picture is worth a thousand words so here is one I got with my camera phone:


Honestly, I do not know the reason why they named it Pinagong, it doesnโ€™t look like a turtle to me ๐Ÿ™‚ Some bakeries in Manila are selling pinagong, but in my humble opinion the pinagong from Quezon are better than the pinagong being sold in Manila. The one below is from my town (Lopez), freshly baked:

pinagong too

Another favorite pinagong is the one being sold by street vendors in Sariaya, Quezon. One pack of small pinagong Sariaya costs ten pesos (six pieces) and these are really a treat for me, Ujinn and Raven.

I added some freshly baked monay with the pinagong. The monay goes well with the ice cream.


Do you love pinagong? Feel free to leave some comments here.