Tips and Info on SLEX and Travelling to the South Luzon

Personal Experiences

I went to my beloved town of Lopez, Quezon last Sunday. And in the tradition of my free six video post, I am writing some six info and tips about travelling, going south of Manila and SLEX.

1. If you’re the driver, get some good sleep.
A good amount of sleep (for the driver) still beats up the need for coffee and caffeine rushes and other gimmicks to keep the driver awake.

2. Gas up in the Metro
I’ve been posting prices of unleaded gasoline in my blog and filling the tank in the Metro will really save you a lot of money.

Take this example:

This is the price when I last filled my tank with unleaded gasoline.

Then I filled up full tank at the SLEX and it is P34.98/liter there. Then going some 200 kilometers south of Manila price of unleaded gas can go up to P39/liter.

Do the Math and be practical 🙂

3. Check your tires, water for the radiator, etc.
Since you are already at the gasoline station, check the water for your radiator, check also the tire pressure and other usual motoring stuffs. This is both for safety and to prolong the life of your tires.

4. Use Skyway
Taking the Skyway may have some additional costs but I highly recommend it especially those leaving manila when the sun is already up. Will save you minutes of your precious travel time.

5. Prepare for the Traffic
SLEX. South Luzon Expressway. The last time I used SLEX was early in March 2009 (but since we were going to Binan, Laguna only so we have to use the Carmona Exit). But now SLEX road improvement is making some good developments. The southbound lanes are wide now (4-lane) and traffic flow is smooth up to certain points. Be prepared to have some slowdown near Carmona Exit (as they are still fixing some bridge there).

And hold on! Given the volume of the outgoing vehicles for this summer break, I am guessing that the southbound exit will have some major buildup; my estimate is that 3+ kilometers before the last tollgate, vehicle will have some major buildup and will add on 15~30 minutes on waiting and moving at a snail’s pace (because of the inefficient system they have at the tollgate).

6. Know Your Alternate Routes
…So that you can take it when the situation calls for it.
Some major and minor choke points at the following areas (we left Manila at 6AM last Sunday)
A. Last Tollgate (see item 5 above)
B. Calamba, Turbina Area (The buses and the jeeps there are a bunch of pasaway)
C. Exit to STAR Expressway (minor one, I think this is because of the volume)
D. San Pablo City (major choke point at the crossing in the San Pablo diversion road to the South
E. Candelaria, Quezon Town proper (as usual there are many pasaway tricycle drivers and motorist in this area)

I believe A is not avoidable (the best way to avoid it is traverse the SLEX very very early in the morning). B, C and D, can be avoided if we decided to take the Calamba~Los Banos~Calauan~San Pablo route.

Hope these free six tips and info will be helpful.

Will post some food trip, places and news about my Quezon trip during the next few days.

Have a safe and fun trip! OK? If you have other tips related to this, feel free to leave some comments.