Spam SMS of the Month

Spammers, spammers go away come again another day. But I guess Spam SMS are here to stay.

Here is another set of annoying unsolicited SMS messages I’ve got for the past few weeks.


Gud day! SCB gives personal loan 50k to 2M For only 1.28% up to 48 months.Plus get a FREE ZEST AIR Fare. 4 more details call xxxyyzz luk 4 GERALD.GOD BLESS

Its a good thing that the spammer wishes me well 🙂


Gud News 2 all Employees! Need Cash fast ! BoroW avail fr.30K up2 1milion as low 1.39% int/mo. Atleast w/15K basic salary Jus prepare ur reqts aTTN.MS.JHEN aaabbcc/dddeeff. w/c itr 2316,1mo. lates payslip,2id’s & ader govt id bak2 bak w/3 signature.& optional latest COE w/ brekdown inc. from.-citibank,Maybank, GE Money bank, premier bnk,planters bnk,standard chartered & .If ntrested,u may tex ur name, company & tel. #

Wow! complete with requirements. Are you sure you will not use my personal details for other things?

Do you also receive unsolicited SMS messages every now and then? If yes, feel free to share to us by leaving some comments here.

Menardconnect and Pagerank Part 2

It was such a sweet surprise to see my blog having a Pagerank 2. After using the web tools that some blogger friends forwarded to me when Menardconnect turned PR1, I confirmed that this was all true and not just a Google glitch.

I’m happy that my efforts are paying off. Build slowly, steadily and surely as they say. I understand that Pagerank may not be that important for some but for me and my newbie blog it is some sort of an achievement and a milestone.

Again my sincere thanks to all the readers, supporters and to all the people who helped and inspired me to make this blog a reality.

Special mention to my fellow bloggers who have helped me (in one way or another) along the way, you guys deserve some link love from me, lets just wait for some other key components and then I’ll do one helluva thank-you/appreciation post.

Abner Afuang: Senate Water Splashing Hero!!!

The video below was taken from GMANEWS.TV clip of the Senate Hearing on the Hayden Kho and Katrina Halili Video Scandal. The water splashing guy is Abner Afuang.

For the latest Philippine news stories and videos, visit GMANews.TV

I admire Abner Afuang‘s courageous act in the Senate room. I know the Senate most probably will go hard on him. I confirmed this Abner Afuang is the same: former Manila policeman, former Pagsanjan, Laguna town mayor, activist and now a reporter. He was also the same man that Philip Salvador portrayed in the 1988 flick.

I just wonder if Maricar Reyes will also testify against Hayden Kho on the Maricar Reyes Scandal. If she will, I will advise Mr. Abner Afuang to use boiling water next time around 🙂

Update 05.28.2009.7PM (GMT+8). Saw Abner Afuang on GMA News. He said he did the water splashing scene in the Senate because thinks Hayden Kho is a swine (“baboy”) and he is also a father and he has a daughter.

Then this is the icing in the cake: when Mr. Afuang was being led to the Senate Security Room, he mentioned to the guards escorting him that Hayden is lucky because he did not have his gun with him! If he have smuggled his gun into the senate room, then this will be all over. Nuff said. He is a hard-hitting man!

I know this comment of mine will draw some strong criticisms, but I’m really getting tired of Hayden’s lamer excuses (go watch GMA News one on one interview with him) and I more inclined to like support this street justice stance. I salute you Abner Afuang!

Update 05.28.2009.9PM (GMT+8)
Read related GMANews.TV story here

Update 05.30.2009.4PM (GMT+8)
Abner Afuang goes out of jail. Senator Revilla apologizes. I agree to the chants of the crowd 🙂 You’re my idol Mr. Afuang.

For the latest Philippine news stories and videos, visit GMANews.TV

LongURL and the plugin for Firefox

URL shortening services are very useful and is great especially for those social networking sites (facebook, twitter, etc.). I have nothing against the use of TinyURL,,, and other URL shortening services. I am sharing the information that sometimes useful things are being abused by the bad guys. These bad guys can create malicious links and hide it using these URL shortening services.

For the security conscious individuals out there, they prefer to know where a link will lead them before they click on the link. A very helpful tool for this purpose is LongURL. You can manually enter those shortened URLs in the LongURL site and get the expanded URL. Or if you are using the Firefox browser you can try the LongURL Mobile Expander addon.

Quoting the Firefox addon page:

You should always know where a link takes you before clicking on it. Services like make that difficult. LongURL Mobile Expander uses the web services to let you know where shortened links *really* go.

This is follow-up post for my fun article on GiantURL TinyURL article.

Hope you find this information useful 🙂

MyBrute Cheats Part 2: Predict your Brute’s Future Skills, Weapons and Pets

A follow-up to my MyBrute Cheats Post. Do you want to know what weapons, skills and pets will your Brute have in the future? Then read on…

1. Go to this site hxxp://
2. Input the name of your Brute in the text box besides
3. Input the level do you want to predict
4. Press the GO button

….There you have it, your Brute’s skills, weapons and pets (if any) on your desired level 🙂

The site is mainly in French ( is the French version of and in the Spanish counterpart) but given the mybrute icons you can figure its english counterpart of the skills.

Also make sure Mybrute site is not on maintenance mode by the time you access it, since the prediction site access the site to get how your Brute looks and other brute stuffs.

So far the success rate for me is 100%. I chose some of my Brutes that is nearing their level up point and checked if the site before and after the level up and all of the prediction is true. My sources says it is 95%~98% accurate so you can try it out and comment back to me if this is helpful.

Special credits to the author of the hxxp:// site and to Spiderham (will post his Brute’s name later) and Raven

Hayden Kho, Katrina Halili, Maricar Reyes, and Ruffa Mae Quinto

Hayden Kho, Katrina Halili Scandal. Add Maricar Reyes. And rumor has it that we can also add Ruffa Mae Quinto. It’s the buzz words in the pinoy blogging community now.

And if you are looking on where to download these scandal videos:

SORRY you went to the WRONG website. Menardconnect will NOT post any of the inappropriate videos above.

In the tradition of my Free Six Video I am posting my six personal comments on this scandalous issue:

  1. I admire Katrina Halili’s bravery in facing the problem. I saw her on the news last night and I’m sad because of this scandal. I support her on her decision (to seek justice) and I wish her all the best on her quest for justice.
  2. Hayden Kho. You are an @#@$$5. I usually don’t say bad words in my blog, but really you are one sick doctor. And please, don’t use the name of God/Creator/Lord in vain (You have been denying all these stupidities that you yourself created). And one last word. Karma. Nuff said.
  3. Maricar Reyes, the girl in the Modess Commercial (the girl with the fairy wand for the little sister) and in ABS-CBN’s Betty La Fea show. If she is indeed the girl in the other video you are another victim. I hope you also come out in the open like Katrina.
  4. Rumor has it that Ruffa Mae Quinto also have her share of scandalous video with Hayden. We hope this is not true. Else…
  5. There is another rumor that Dra. Vicki Belo also has her share of scandalous video with Hayden. For the record, I am not interested to see the video 🙂 . But I know Dra. Vicki Belo has a lotsa lots of money (not from Philippine Lotto but from their Medical Group of businesses) and therefore the price of that video clip will really rise in the black market (dibidi dibidi anyone?)
  6. And to all the politicians: It’s “Sawsaw time” galore now!!! Sawsaw is a Filipino word for dip (as in dipping your food to the sauce, “sawsaw suka in the childhood game remember?”). And politicians love to “sawsaw” on any controversial issue so that they have visibility to the public. I know some politicians are really sincere to help the victims, but I know for a fact that there are lots of politicians out there who just love to make “sawsaw” to the issue to gain media exposure. I wonder why. But I guess its 2009 now and next year is 2010 (go figure).

Each of us is entitled to our own personal opinion. What’s yours? Kindly leave your comments here.

Update on 05.22.2009
I’m closing the comment section.

Update on 05.29.2009
Related post: Abner Afuang splashed water to Hayden Kho in the Senate Hearing. Thumbs up for Mr. Afuang.

Update on 06.06.2009
Related post. The Katrina Halili Sexy picture related malware.

MyBrute Tips Update

This one is contributed by a reader on my MyBrute Cheats post as a comment. I will post Edgar’s ( comment here and give some of my personal opinion.

From Edgar

So how do you get a pet dog, a pet wolf or a pet bear in MyBrute?

1. First, create a new MyBrute character but make sure that your name uses exactly three vowels. Vowels are the letters A, E, I, O and U. An example is my MyBrute character which uses exactly three vowels – A, U and I. It doesn’t matter how long the name or if you use numbers, as long as there are only three vowels.

2. Then more important, you must pupil that character under someone that has a pet. You can sign up under my brute because I have a pet dog.

3. Level up your character until Level 3, which will take you only a few minutes. The pet will appear when you reach Level 3. It will be random, you might get a pet dog, a wolf or a bear. There’s no guarantee which but for sure you will get a pet.

4. That’s it! Easy and takes only 5 minutes to do. So you can do it again and again until you get a pet bear.

heres my brute that you can sign up with coz i have a dog pet


OK here is my personal opinion about your tip:
For Step 1.
I have 50% success rate 🙂
My Main MyBrute (Makonat) has 3 vowels (A,O and A). He doesn’t have a pet, but he is one hell of a makonat brute 🙂
My other alt-brute (name of brute withheld for privacy purposes 🙂 ) have a dog as pet. So yes, this might work, 50-50 based on my experience.

For Step 2. Kindly see my MyBrute Cheats Info#1

For Step 3. Yes. One of my alt-brute with 3 bowels in the name got his pet dog at level 3. So this adds credibility to your tip.

For Step 4. 5 minutes. Wow! But IMHO this is still trial and error and you will flood with trial brutes. No wonder there’s a lot of MyBrute downtimes/technical maintenance every now and then.

So What do other Mybrute players out there think about this Mybrute Tip? Please share your opinion by leaving some comments here.

Who needs TinyURL when you got GiantURL

Make way for GiantURL…. The coolest URL-thing to happen after TinyURL, and 🙂

As per GiantURL site description:

Welcome to GiantURL!

Are you sick of posting URLs in emails only to have them not break when sent causing the recipient to not have to cut and paste it back together? Then you’ve come to the right place. By entering in a URL in the text field below, we will create a giant URL that will break in email postings and may never expire

So my favorite site will be:,4,0×3,mT1W9GWkr7HM3cCT0,4PYsV84v5z3dcz0JMQV4bhWTbG

Cut the text in blockquote and paste into your address bar to see if this GiantURL is really working :).

Works great with Firefox, IE7 and Google Chrome.

Sorry I think you cannot use this service for Twitter and other social networking sites 😀

Have fun playing with it!!!

Happy Mother’s Day

To all the mothers out there… Happy Mother’s Day!!!

Special greets to my Mama in Quezon province, my Nanay in Laguna (Raven is there now), my sisters, my aunts, my ninangs and my barkada/friends-mummies 🙂

I’m not the poetic person, but I found this and would like to put in my blog for this occasion:

“A mother’s love is patient and forgiving when all others are forsaking, it never fails or falters, even though the heart is breaking”

-Helen Rice

Taken from this site

Happy Mother’s Day!!!

Free Six Info: MyBrute Cheats and other Tips

Update 06.14.2009
You can check out my other posts on

MyBrute is a flash based internet browser fighting game. This game is popular in the Philippines, Portugal, Lithuania, Costa Rica and other countries.

Players create “brutes” and fight other player’s brutes. You can modify the looks and appearance of your brute but you cannot modify its stats, abilities, weapons and pets. Brutes gain experience when they fight other brutes; if they win they usually gain 2 experience points, when they lose they gain 1 experience point. Only the fight initiator will be awarded experience points. On the first day, the brute can initiate 6 fights, on the succeeding days 3 fights and then they rest until the next day. Brutes can also gain experience by having a pupil. When pupil brute levels up, the Master Brute gains some experience point.

You must be searching for some MyBrute cheats or hacks. Well there is plenty out there in the internet. And in the tradition of my free six video and my six tagalog love quotes posts, I am sharing some six MyBrute ideas (maybe a cheat or a tip or both).

Info #1. Usually MyBrute cheats in the internet give false promises. They will give you their MyBrute link (the one with http://{name of brute here} Then ask you to create a pupil under them. And then you do some silly stuff and then nothing. This cheat is usually 1-way, they gain pupils then you got either random things (may work or not work) or nothing.

Info #2. Some MyBrute cheats even have video links in YouTube explaining how to do it. The usually do the same promise in the Info #1, and some of the videos show Info #3 below.

Info #3. Some cheats will even ask you to download a supposedly MyBrute cheat executable program and run it while playing MyBrute.

WARNING: Beware of these executable files!!! Why? Malware, Spyware, Keyloggers and other bad stuffs are rampant in the internet. I’m not saying that all executable files they will give are dangerous, but unless you know exactly what you are doing (e.g. you can debug/trace executable files) then be careful OK?

I’m predicting that some bad guys will use the popularity of MyBrute. This is Social Engineering 101, and its not as hard as predicting the next Philippine Lotto winning numbers.

Info #4. Some of these MyBrute cheats may be working because of a known bug in MyBrute.  But remember CHEATERS NEVER WIN. Period.

I’ve heard that the MyBrute admins are working hard to fix these bugs and this is the reason why MyBrute is having some downtime/unavailability whenever they will start a tournament.

So instead of giving you MyBrute cheats, why not give you other useful MyBrute tips?

Info #5.  Pupils. I know most of the players have multiple brutes. I believe this is legal and most of these alternate brutes (alt-brutes) are pupils of the main brute or pupils of their friend’s brute.

Let’s face it, some of alt-brutes will turn up weak, and they will be a good grinding target for you and your friends especially if they are of the same level 🙂

I’m proposing this experiment: Leave a comment here at with the name of your weakling brute and your friend’s weakling brute, and I will post it. I will even compile the names as part of the post later on. Let’s do it in the format:

[Name of your brute] [Level] [Date] [Notes]

MenardkonektLevel 5 May 8, 2009

We need the [Name] so that we can search in the Arena
We need the [Level] so that we can know if our brute is same level range of that of our brute.
Why we need the [Date], so that we can compute the current level of the brute.
The [notes] is optional. You can put here if this why you consider it weakling (inactive, have no weapons, poor stats,etc)

Note: Do NOT put the names super strong brute here. This is the leveling up brute list to help us level up easily. You can put the name of your “super-strong-nobody-can-beat-it-brute” as a signature to the end of your comment, but not on the weakling list OK?

Info #6. Know your brute, its strengths and weaknesses and choose your fights wisely. Follow the steps in Item#5, and visit this blog post often. And most importantly enjoy the game and have fun.

Kindly support this experiment!

Menardconnect’s Weakling Brute List:
Menardkonekt – Level 9 – June 14, 2009 [My brute, low stats]
Kuritasan- Level 9 – June 14, 2009 [My Bro’s brute, weak e]
piccia –
moonshield –
bballl0vekjb – level 4 – May 12, 2009 [Reader/Commenter, few weapons]
dilman – lvl4 – May 12, 2009
L4Z3T lvl 3 – May 14, 2009 [Reader/Commenter, few weapons]
DustinG – Level 3 – May 8, 2009 [My friend’s brute, weak e]
Updated MyBrute Weakling List

If you want to know about more tips, kindly visit My Brute Cheats post.