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Update 06.14.2009
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MyBrute is a flash based internet browser fighting game. This game is popular in the Philippines, Portugal, Lithuania, Costa Rica and other countries.

Players create “brutes” and fight other player’s brutes. You can modify the looks and appearance of your brute but you cannot modify its stats, abilities, weapons and pets. Brutes gain experience when they fight other brutes; if they win they usually gain 2 experience points, when they lose they gain 1 experience point. Only the fight initiator will be awarded experience points. On the first day, the brute can initiate 6 fights, on the succeeding days 3 fights and then they rest until the next day. Brutes can also gain experience by having a pupil. When pupil brute levels up, the Master Brute gains some experience point.

You must be searching for some MyBrute cheats or hacks. Well there is plenty out there in the internet. And in the tradition of my free six video and my six tagalog love quotes posts, I am sharing some six MyBrute ideas (maybe a cheat or a tip or both).

Info #1. Usually MyBrute cheats in the internet give false promises. They will give you their MyBrute link (the one with http://{name of brute here} Then ask you to create a pupil under them. And then you do some silly stuff and then nothing. This cheat is usually 1-way, they gain pupils then you got either random things (may work or not work) or nothing.

Info #2. Some MyBrute cheats even have video links in YouTube explaining how to do it. The usually do the same promise in the Info #1, and some of the videos show Info #3 below.

Info #3. Some cheats will even ask you to download a supposedly MyBrute cheat executable program and run it while playing MyBrute.

WARNING: Beware of these executable files!!! Why? Malware, Spyware, Keyloggers and other bad stuffs are rampant in the internet. I’m not saying that all executable files they will give are dangerous, but unless you know exactly what you are doing (e.g. you can debug/trace executable files) then be careful OK?

I’m predicting that some bad guys will use the popularity of MyBrute. This is Social Engineering 101, and its not as hard as predicting the next Philippine Lotto winning numbers.

Info #4. Some of these MyBrute cheats may be working because of a known bug in MyBrute.  But remember CHEATERS NEVER WIN. Period.

I’ve heard that the MyBrute admins are working hard to fix these bugs and this is the reason why MyBrute is having some downtime/unavailability whenever they will start a tournament.

So instead of giving you MyBrute cheats, why not give you other useful MyBrute tips?

Info #5.  Pupils. I know most of the players have multiple brutes. I believe this is legal and most of these alternate brutes (alt-brutes) are pupils of the main brute or pupils of their friend’s brute.

Let’s face it, some of alt-brutes will turn up weak, and they will be a good grinding target for you and your friends especially if they are of the same level 🙂

I’m proposing this experiment: Leave a comment here at with the name of your weakling brute and your friend’s weakling brute, and I will post it. I will even compile the names as part of the post later on. Let’s do it in the format:

[Name of your brute] [Level] [Date] [Notes]

MenardkonektLevel 5 May 8, 2009

We need the [Name] so that we can search in the Arena
We need the [Level] so that we can know if our brute is same level range of that of our brute.
Why we need the [Date], so that we can compute the current level of the brute.
The [notes] is optional. You can put here if this why you consider it weakling (inactive, have no weapons, poor stats,etc)

Note: Do NOT put the names super strong brute here. This is the leveling up brute list to help us level up easily. You can put the name of your “super-strong-nobody-can-beat-it-brute” as a signature to the end of your comment, but not on the weakling list OK?

Info #6. Know your brute, its strengths and weaknesses and choose your fights wisely. Follow the steps in Item#5, and visit this blog post often. And most importantly enjoy the game and have fun.

Kindly support this experiment!

Menardconnect’s Weakling Brute List:
Menardkonekt – Level 9 – June 14, 2009 [My brute, low stats]
Kuritasan- Level 9 – June 14, 2009 [My Bro’s brute, weak e]
piccia –
moonshield –
bballl0vekjb – level 4 – May 12, 2009 [Reader/Commenter, few weapons]
dilman – lvl4 – May 12, 2009
L4Z3T lvl 3 – May 14, 2009 [Reader/Commenter, few weapons]
DustinG – Level 3 – May 8, 2009 [My friend’s brute, weak e]
Updated MyBrute Weakling List

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