Menardconnect and Pagerank Part 2

Blog Experiences

It was such a sweet surprise to see my blog having a Pagerank 2. After using the web tools that some blogger friends forwarded to me when Menardconnect turned PR1, I confirmed that this was all true and not just a Google glitch.

I’m happy that my efforts are paying off. Build slowly, steadily and surely as they say. I understand that Pagerank may not be that important for some but for me and my newbie blog it is some sort of an achievement and a milestone.

Again my sincere thanks to all the readers, supporters and to all the people who helped and inspired me to make this blog a reality.

Special mention to my fellow bloggers who have helped me (in one way or another) along the way, you guys deserve some link love from me, lets just wait for some other key components and then I’ll do one helluva thank-you/appreciation post.