Spam SMS for June

My Hon Load Mo Ko Text Scam post is getting some hits and continue to get comments. So I guess the scammer is still active. And speaking of SMS, here are some Spam SMS that me and my friends got this month of June: SMS #1 Good News! Claim your FREE MEDICAL PRIVILEGE CARD from… Continue reading Spam SMS for June

WordPress 2.8 and Other Updates

I updated to WordPress 2.8 over the weekend. The site announced that this release is named in honor of noted trumpeter and vocalist Chet Baker. Major improvements to the 2.8 release were focused on speed, performance, widgets and themes support. The general look and feel is the same as 2.7x, but I noted… Continue reading WordPress 2.8 and Other Updates

Happy Father’s Day

To all the fathers/dads/papas/tatays out there… Happy Father’s Day!!! Special greets to my Papa (Hope you enjoy the Kopi Tiam Dinner), my Tatay in Laguna (Raven and I will be there in Laguna later), my brothers (both here in and out of the country), my uncles, my ninongs and my barkada-friend-daddies 🙂 Just like what… Continue reading Happy Father’s Day

MyBrute Cheats and Tips Part 4: Weakling Brute List Update

A follow up post on my MyBrute Cheats series. Presenting the updated list of my Free Six Info MyBrute Cheats and Other Tips: Menardconnect’s Weakling Brute List: 3N3RGY – Lvl 11 – Kinda weak brute MENARDKONEKT – Lvl 10 – My brute, low stats, but may spoil the list PICCIA – Lvl 10 – warning… Continue reading MyBrute Cheats and Tips Part 4: Weakling Brute List Update

Independence Day in the Philippines

Today is the 111th Independence Day of the Republic of the Philippines. A holiday of course. A short break from work and a long weekend outside the urban Manila for some. Google even paid tribute (how do they call this image (Google doodle?) Mabuhay ang Kalayaan! Mabuhay ang Pilipinas!