Noncho Vodenicharov: Survivor Contestant Died in the Philippines

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I’m sad to hear that a Survivor contestant died while filming the reality show in the Philippines. MSNBC reported that Noncho Vodenicharov died of heart attack after completing one of the challenges for the Survivor BG 4 (Bulgaria Edition) in Caramoan town, Camarines Sur Province in the Philippines. Mr. Vodenicharov was the Mayor of Radnevo town in Bulgaria. He was previously a stunt man and a singer. The town of Radnevo was reported to declare five days of mourning for their late leader.

No other details of incident were available (Maybe because of some non-disclosure policy of the Survivor and their production packages, until the show in aired on TV).

Survivor is a popular reality TV game show produced in many countries. Survivor contestants are cast away in an island (or wilderness) and are given challenges/tasks and then pitted against each other (either by teams (called tribes) or by individual) to win cash and other prizes. Survivor challenges are very physical and mental in nature. They also employ an elimination system that allows the contestants to vote off other team members until only one final contestant remains.

Caramoan, Camarines Sur (CamSur) is a growing tourist spot in the Philippines. It is 420 kilometers south of Manila and have good spots for swimming, snorkeling, diving and rock-climbing. Several Survivor international editions (including the Koh-Lanta,French Version of Survivor) have held their challenges in this town.

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