Spam SMS for June

Personal Experiences

My Hon Load Mo Ko Text Scam post is getting some hits and continue to get comments. So I guess the scammer is still active.

And speaking of SMS, here are some Spam SMS that me and my friends got this month of June:

SMS #1

Good News!
Claim your FREE MEDICAL PRIVILEGE CARD from xxxxxxx HEALTH SHIELD. Plus an additional raffle entry for our KITCHEN SHOWCASE DRAW. To claim this PRIVILEGES please call (02) xxyyzzz (02) aabbccc upon receipt of this message from 9am-5pm.Mon-sat. Look for Ms. “Jane Doe” . Many Thanks, God Bless. Call NOW to secure an additional 50,000 HOUSEHOLD CONTENT FIRE INSURANCE. (DISREGARD IF CLAIMED)

Wow! 50,000 Household Content Fire Insurance! What’s that by the way?
I bleeped the name of the company and the telephone number, same policy that I do for first time SMS spammers.

SMS #2

Cashloan fr Bdo n Chnatrust for as low as 1.2 per mo.Int.CAR FINANCING BRANDNEW N 2ND HAND UNIT!CAR MORTGAGE ‘ORCR’ ONLY! Truck loan n Property Loan!Interestd.You may kol ms.xxxxx at aabbccc, ddeeffff, gghhiiii.Or email at “spammername”!

Another Wow! Truck Loan and Property Loan. If I have one of those Optimus Grime Truck displayed at Eastwood CityPark Mall, I will contact you 🙂

Do you also receive unsolicited SMS messages every now and then? If yes, feel free to share to us by leaving some comments here.