Willie Revillame Died?

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Checking my tweets and checking some blog posting, I stumbled upon this info: Willie Revillame Died

I cannot confirm the authenticity of this info, but I’m posting it anyway to get some feedback from the fellow bloggers and readers.

I’m not posting this because that I hate Willie and his noontime show. I wish him well and hope this info is not true. But honestly speaking,  I don’t like his TV Show and hate the way they capitalize on the “pity” and “paawa effect” of the contestants of his Wowowee show.

But many questions came into my mind when reading the words: Willie Revillame Died.

Is this info true? Or it is just a bad rumor?
Is this just some plain cheap gimmick?
Or is this just some google glitch?


If you know some related info, please leave some comments here.

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