WordPress 2.8.1 and Other Updates

Just after 3 weeks of updating to WordPress 2.8, I updated to 2.8.1 this weekend. I make it a point to update as soon as I have extra time since updating to the latest version is a good security practice for the blog.

I also updated my about page and created a blog disclosure policy page. What’s that blog disclosure policy stuff? It’s some sort of a written policy that discloses the blog author’s purpose and interest and how it affects the content of the blog (advertising/etc.) If you want to know more about blog disclosure policy, feel free to visit the disclosurepolicy.org site.

Free Six Ambigram Info

We watched Angels & Demons movie last month at TriNoma Cinema and the movie introduced the concept of Ambigram. I researched here are there and finally in the tradition of my free six video, my six mybrute cheats and tips and my six Facebook Farm Town Cheats and Tips posts, I am sharing my Free Six Ambigram Info and images that I have researched.

1. What is Ambigram?
Wikipedia defines it as:

a typographical design or artform that may be read as one or more words not only in its form as presented, but also from another viewpoint, direction or orientation. The words readable in the other viewpoint, direction or orientation may be the same or different from the original words.

Wiktionary have 2 defs:

a design that may be read in two different ways

A design that may be read as the same word or phrase (or sometimes two different words or phrases) when oriented in two different ways, usually when reflected in a vertical axis or when rotated through 180 degrees

2. A better way to illustrate an Ambigram is to show some example
Below is an animated image example:

<image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons and Splarka>

3. Another example is the mirror image “Wiki” word Ambigram

<image courtesy of Wikipedia>

4. Ambigram was popularized by the Movie Angels & Demons. Want to know more, visit the official movie website

5. John Langdon, the creator of the Ambigram used in the movie have some very useful and extensive information on The Da Vinci Code, Angels & Demons and some different types of Ambigrams. Feel free to visit John Langdon’s Ambigram page.

6. Ambigram Tattoos are cool. If you want to try out some Ambigram generator, view some tattoo gallery and stencils, feel free to visit the wowtattoos.com site

Hope you find these info useful.

Do you have other Ambigram info? Feel free to share them by leaving some comments here.

You’re the 1, Goldilocks

You’re the 1 Goldilocks because you’ve got the best cakes and pasalubong!!!

And in the tradition of my free six video, my six mybrute cheats and tips and my six Facebook Farm Town Cheats and Tips posts, I am sharing our Six Favorite Goldilocks Stuffs that we love:

Goldilocks #1The Chocolate Roll

This sponge cake is an all-time favorite of the whole family for birthdays and special occasions. Birthdays, Christmas and New Years will not be complete without a goldilocks roll.

Goldilocks #2Vanilla Taisan

This vanilla cake topped with grated cheese and sugar is the personal favorite of Raven. We love to refrigerate this cake a little bit before eating it. Yummy!

Goldilocks #3 and #4Dinuguan at Puto

For the benefit of the non-Pinoy readers, Dinuguan is a traditional Filipino dish of pork meat and blood cooked in vinegar laden with seasoning and spices.

It is a perfect mix with Puto, the Filipino traditional sweet and soft steamed  rice cake. The dinuguan also goes well with steamed rice 🙂

Goldilocks #5Polvoron
My personal favorite is the classic polvoron. Goldilocks Polvoron also comes in Pinipig, Peanut, Cashew, Cookies & Creme, and Chocolate flavors. For pasalubong, I usually go with the box of 14’s.

Goldilocks #6 Fluffy Mamon

The all around favorite. Good for pasalubong, breakfast and afternoon snacks.

Note: All images courtesy of Goldilocks website.

Funny Goldilocks Moments

I would like to share some funny experience that I have with Goldilocks. This happened several years ago when I went to the US (San Francisco) for a conference. I brought in some fluffy mamon and polvoron. The fluffy mamon is for emergency snacks (in case I’m hungry at the hotel at midnight). The polvoron is for pasalubong (give-away) for my friends and office mates.

It was my first time at the San Francisco Airport (SFO). The customs officer assigned to my lane is a big guy (a six footer), with a serious face and a deep loud voice. He greeted me with customary greeting. He asked the routinary questions (what’s the purpose of the visit, when I’m gonna be back in PH). He guided me to the electronic photo and fingerprint procedure for all incoming passenger. All was going smooth until he asked me…

Customs Officer: Do you have Goldilocks?
Me: Come again?
Customs Officer: Do you have Goldilocks?
Me: Yes.
Customs Officer: Do you have Goldilocks in your hand-carry baggage?
Me: No! I have it in my checked-in luggage.

Darn! I’m kinda paranoid you know. I was a bit nervous. I don’t know if bringing in those polvoron and mamon will cause some trouble. . But surprisingly…

Customs Officer: OK. You may go.
Me: Thanks!

I got my passport back (before he changes his mind) and then asked him…

Me: By the way, why are you asking me about goldilocks? Is it illegal to bring goldilocks here?
For the first time the customs officer shifted from serious face to smiley one.

Customs Officer: No it’s OK. But I was hoping you have some on your carry-on luggage so that I can ask you for a pasalubong. (The pasalubong with the cool American accent 😀 ).

He then explained that he has many Filipino friends here in SF, and they always give him Goldilocks cakes and pastries as pasalubong whenever they go back from Manila. I guess it’s been awhile since he got some pastries.

I just promised him that next time I’m bringing in some in my carry-on luggage and hope that he will be the one to screen me again. Hehe! Small talk 🙂

That was fun trip way back in 2007 🙂

You’re the 1 Goldilocks because you’ve got the best cakes and pasalubong!!!

How about you? What’s your favorite Goldilocks? Feel free to leave some comments here.