SMS Scam: Marie Velasco

Personal Experiences

I got hold of another SMS scam. Got these consecutive SMS messages around 5am~6am this morning (thought it was really urgent).

SMS Part 1

Pued po b akong humingi ng 2long sa inyo? I’m marie, 21yo freshgrad po from Bacolod City. Ggawin ko po ang lahat ng kpalit na gusto nio, ma2lungan nyo lng po akong mkpunta sa mynila. My job hiring na po kc sna ako jan sa san mig-ortigas, syang po kc kung madissolve lng.. Im willing to take the risks ng kpalit na hhngin nio. Un nlng tlga pgasa ko na mkluwas kgd pra mhbol deadline ko po.. My pic & supporting docs po ako sa – marie

SMS Part 2

Name: Marie Velasco
Birthdate: Feb. 15, 1988
Height: 5’7″
Complexion: Fair
Vital Stats: 35-25-36
Hair: Long & Straight
Other: Joined some provincial pageants for allowance.

Course: BS Information Management (Computer & Accountancy)
School: DOST Scholar in University of St. La Salle – Bacolod
Parents: Anna & Mario Velasco (both deceased)


To the scammer: Haha! Nice try! Your SMS SCAM was an epic fail. You know why? Figure it out yourself. I will post other links related to this SMS scam later. I’m just wondering why in the world did you get my number? Maybe you are conspiring with the group who are sending Spam SMS to me and my friends 🙂

To all the other readers there, just beware. The scammer goes by the name of Marie Velasco, Ann Velasco, AnnaMarie Velasco and its variants. I think she is not the really the girl in the picture (poor victim). Methinks that the scammer have the resources to change their website it to fit her new nick/identity but ironically she does not some money to go to Manila. (Sidenote: is a free hosting site, and it got my attention before for some activities related to… hehe thats worth another post)

If you also receive this sms scam, kindly leave some comments here.

Update 08.11.2009
Follow up post on SMS Scam: Will the Real Anna Marie Velasco Please Stand Up

Update 08.26.2009

Anna Marie scam site on the move since the previous site is down! is the NEW SCAM site!

Update 09.01.2009 is down na? and she now moved to

Update 09.04.2009 is down.

new scam site with recycled content in

Update 10.03.2009

new scam site with recycled content in
Update 12.14.2009

Got some reports that new marie velasco scam content at

Update 02.12.2010

new scam site of marie at

Update 02.15.2010

new scam site at

Update 04.15.2010

new scam site of anna marie velasco at

Update 05.17.2010
Thanks to reader azeto 🙂

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