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SMS Scam: Marie Velasco

Posted on August 1, 2009  in Personal Experiences

I got hold of another SMS scam. Got these consecutive SMS messages around 5am~6am this morning (thought it was really urgent).

SMS Part 1

Pued po b akong humingi ng 2long sa inyo? I’m marie, 21yo freshgrad po from Bacolod City. Ggawin ko po ang lahat ng kpalit na gusto nio, ma2lungan nyo lng po akong mkpunta sa mynila. My job hiring na po kc sna ako jan sa san mig-ortigas, syang po kc kung madissolve lng.. Im willing to take the risks ng kpalit na hhngin nio. Un nlng tlga pgasa ko na mkluwas kgd pra mhbol deadline ko po.. My pic & supporting docs po ako sa – marie

SMS Part 2

Name: Marie Velasco
Birthdate: Feb. 15, 1988
Height: 5’7″
Complexion: Fair
Vital Stats: 35-25-36
Hair: Long & Straight
Other: Joined some provincial pageants for allowance.

Course: BS Information Management (Computer & Accountancy)
School: DOST Scholar in University of St. La Salle – Bacolod
Parents: Anna & Mario Velasco (both deceased)


To the scammer: Haha! Nice try! Your SMS SCAM was an epic fail. You know why? Figure it out yourself. I will post other links related to this SMS scam later. I’m just wondering why in the world did you get my number? Maybe you are conspiring with the group who are sending Spam SMS to me and my friends πŸ™‚

To all the other readers there, just beware. The scammer goes by the name of Marie Velasco, Ann Velasco, AnnaMarie Velasco and its variants. I think she is not the really the girl in the picture (poor victim). Methinks that the scammer have the resources to change their website it to fit her new nick/identity but ironically she does not some money to go to Manila. (Sidenote: is a free hosting site, and it got my attention before for some activities related to… hehe thats worth another post)

If you also receive this sms scam, kindly leave some comments here.

Update 08.11.2009
Follow up post on SMS Scam: Will the Real Anna Marie Velasco Please Stand Up

Update 08.26.2009

Anna Marie scam site on the move since the previous site is down! is the NEW SCAM site!

Update 09.01.2009 is down na? and she now moved to

Update 09.04.2009 is down.

new scam site with recycled content inΒ

Update 10.03.2009

new scam site with recycled content inΒ
Update 12.14.2009

Got some reports that new marie velasco scam content at

Update 02.12.2010

new scam site of marie at

Update 02.15.2010

new scam site at

Update 04.15.2010

new scam site of anna marie velasco at

Update 05.17.2010
Thanks to reader azeto πŸ™‚

Guys and Gals! Meet the new Marie Velasco: Sam Mendoza
Read my new blog post:
SMS SCAM ALERT: Sam Mendoza, the new Marie Velasco

0 thoughts on “SMS Scam: Marie Velasco”

  1. Nakakuha rin ako ng ganyang set of messages. Though nakakuha ako ng part 3 the other day.

    SMS Part 3:
    Gud evening po, c marie po to, ung humihingi ng tulong makapunta ng maynila.. Ma22lungan nio po b ako? Gagawin ko po ung kapalit na hhngin nio, para lang makapunta npo ako ng mynila.. Parang awa nio napo..

    SMS details:
    Sent: 5-Aug-2009 23:30:22

    1. @Jeriel
      Thanks for the info.
      Me and of my friend (who posted the 1st comment here) also got the same message (nag-pa-follow up pa ang scammer using another number).
      I will be doing a follow up post on this scammer over the weekend.

  2. i may not know you both….but we have the same recieved sms.mine i got over this weekend, sunday morning, evening and just this am….i just wonder how they got my number. anyhow i replied to her if she is indeed a “her” that she may opt to course her request to nearest dswd or to their village chief, municipal mayor or congressperson. she made a mistake of sending me an sms message since part of my government job is to act on the “request letters” for assistance and other concerns addreessed to my boss by our constituents and make referals for it. “MS. VELASCO” BETTER LUCK NEXT TIME!

  3. eto nagfa follow up na naman sya. from +639276135114

    helo po…si marie po to…willing pa po ba kayong tulungan ako? parang awa niyo na po…kailangang kailangan ko po talaga ng tulong niyo…ako lang mag isa ngayon sa bacolod kaya medyo mahirap po yung sitwasyon ko ngayon gayong wala pa akong trabaho dito…bigyan niyo lang po sana ako ng chance na makapunta ng maynila…yun lang naman po sana yung hinihingi kong tulong…willing naman po akong magsakripisyo eh na magbigay ng kapalit para lang po sa trabaho ko sana sa maynila…hirap na po talaga ako dito…Marie

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  5. i got the same messages… i wonder how they got/choose our numbers???

    i also receieve a 3 part text messages…

  6. nag send din sa kin yang marie na yan same din sa mga text sa inyo, nag papaawa pa nga eh . dami daw nya labahin na tatapusin , kaya kung puede daw eh. matulungan na sya para kahit paano daw eh makaahon sya sa pag lalabada. galit pa nung nadelay ang sagot ko, sabi nya kala ko you will help me di pala, ang bahay daw nya eh sa novaliches sa tapat ng rebisco
    malayung kamag anak daw nya yun. kala nya napasakay nya ko , eh ang tanga mo tanga mo marie !!!!

  7. I also receive the same text message. Scam na talaga sa unang tingin mo pa lang. Mag-ingat tayong lahat.

    1. @Yul,
      Salamat sa pagbisita at pag-comment.
      Pano hulihin? baka pwede nating i-report sa Imbestigador/GMA7 or XXX/ABS-CBN2?

  8. I thought you said you are in Bacolod, how come when we traced your number in our geo-locator facilities, your are in Pasay City. We know where you are and where you go. Watch out!

    1. @Raul,
      I guess that comment goes out for Marie and not me πŸ™‚

      It seems that Raul and some of his friends are after you and your cohorts so better watch out!

  9. Got the same messages twice.. Any way we can verify the identity of the lady posted on the site? Kawawa naman kc gnagamit lng cia.. Another concern is how they really get access to our numbers? Parang credit card agents..

    1. @Leinad,
      I have no idea on how to verify the identity of the girl on the site.
      On how the scammer got access to our numbers, you and I are thinking of the same group πŸ™‚ pero its hard to prove.

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  11. Hi there. I did receive the 3part messages a few days ago. At first i thought kawawa naman sha. I was willing na sana to help her somehow i was just too busy that day. But when i recieved her sort of biodata and revealed ‘she’ has been joining pageants so ibig sbihin may beauty and talent sha. Bakit ndi nya n pagkakaitaan diba? But i got curious and googled her name at etong site mo nakita ko. Hehe. Scammer pala talaga sha. Buti nalang i didnt reply to her. Thanks and hopefully mahuli na sha kng sino man sha! Kung ndi man tyo na victimize for sure she victimized someone else! Tsktsk.

  12. Just a thought, are all of us here Post-paid subscribers? Maybe there is something in there we can start of with.. Well, maybe…:)

  13. Tama nga, muntik din ako.

    I responded her last week, told her sayang ka you have a future, bat ganon ka kadesperada, i thought somebody helped her because she didnt respond anymore. Today, thru SMS message from no.09276134788( another no.) nag makaawa sya. I even offered her a descent job without any exchange if she’s willing to.Dahil sa duda at alam ko salita nila, asked her some questions and told her to reply thru her dialect dahil Bacolod daw sya. Di na sumagot. Ingat mga bro!

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  15. whoever this scammer is s/he’s using 092761335127 and 09276134784
    also pointed me to

    kinda annoying

  16. hayyzzzz…. ganyan na talaga ang buhay….. magka pera lang…. PERO KUNG AKO SAKIN LANG…..IF SHE REALLY NEED THE MONEY, THEN GET IT PERSONALLLLLYYYYY……

  17. Yeah. Are we all post-paid subscribers?? I can’t help but think that somebody’s been giving out our numbers or have access to our numbers. First text pala lang alam na kagad na scam. I thought she was just pimping herself thru text with her statistics and all. This is pretty annoying. Make the texts stop!



    1. @lisa mejia
      Thank you for the visit and the comment!
      I haven’t received such reminder/awareness text for a long long time so I guess I would challenge that “consistently sending” phrase.
      But I’m bringing the awareness campaign here in the net πŸ™‚

  20. Guys, it’s already 2010 and i stil got the same text message. funny though that this “person” says “her” orientation starts Feb. 1, 2010! SCAMMMMM!!!!

  21. I had the same message last night. I just had my post paid plan from globe this week and I am wondering how she got my number. Does she have contacts from Globe?

    Are we all postpaid subscribers here? who’s on prepaid?

    Here is her/his new number: 09165570998

    We can now track where you are because of the evolving technology. So please stop this scam. Find a decent job and maybe GOD may forgive you!

  22. I think the key is the fact that we are post paid subscribers. Globe has our list and apparently someone has given her ouor names. Maybe Globe can start here. The list is supposed to be confidential, but this is the Philippines.

  23. I’ve received her third message today. Will she stop after this third one? These are the numbers she used: 09165571002 and 09165570998. I’m also a Globe postpaid subscriber, and funnily enough, messages from “Marie” started arriving only after I upgraded my SIM.

  24. got the 4th wave. it’s passive aggressive now. Marie is still the name she uses. the number is 09165571003.

    “Hope masaya kau nakapa iyak kau ng probinsyanang katulad ko. Un lng naman gus2 ko sana, ang makapunta ng mynila at makapag umpisang mabuhay. Palakpakan sana kau sa gnawa nio… Tnx -marie”

    wow. just wow.

    1. @kat
      Wow! Me paawa pang nalalaman itong si marie ngayon!
      pero para sa akin at sa lahat ng nagbabasa dito: Epic Fail pa rin ang sms scam nya! πŸ˜€

  25. I got the entire set of scam msgs posted above. I’m really glad all of you got together here to discuss and warn everyone about this.

    I’m a Globe postpaid subscriber myself.

    I hope we get to the bottom of this scam.

  26. I got one too… unstoppable! I even get a follow up message, I never replie or anything. If she wants my help I can send my prayers for this person to change. Hope someone can catch this person asap.

  27. richapple :I got one too… unstoppable! I even got a follow up message, I never replied or anything. If she wants my help I can send my prayers for this person to change. Hope someone can catch this person asap.

    His or her “parang awa nyo na po, gagawin ko ang lahat makapunta lang sa manila” is just so annoying! Can somebody from globe act on this since post paid subscriber should be on confidential status! I better change to smart next year!

  28. Hmmmn.. I am also a Globe postpaid subscriber and I also received that same text messages from a certain Marie Velasco. I received a text message from her on Jan 30, 2010 using a Globe prepaid # 09165570998. I entertained her for a while to get further details and reported it Globe. Globe disconnected her number and to my surprise, she texted me again using another Globe prepaid # 09165571002 but it seems that she is not aware that she already texted me using the previous number. I reported it again to Globe and the number was again disconnected. According to Globe, that’s all that they can do. I did not receive any text messages from her anymore.

  29. im another globe postpaid subscriber and i received two text messages from this person,the number she used was 09173617039. i wonder where she gets our numbers, and someone should report this to abs-cbn or gma so they can have entrapment operations done to stop this. also, baka nga someone from inside globe ang gumagawa nito, bilang lahat pala tayo ay post-paid subscribers. such a shame.

  30. i have received a lot of her SMS’ isn’t think a disgruntled employee from Globe? someone who worked in 211? seriously, how can someone have all the money and resources to send out multiple versions of a SCAM?!
    i’m sure kahit sino mamumulubi sa ganyang kadaming text.
    and why would she only send to post paid subscribers? Ms. Velasco, don’t assume contract subscribers are well to do people.

  31. Kawawa naman ang sa picture kung di siya talaga ang babae. I myself is from bacolod and I really tested if she is by talking to her in our own dialect but she can’t talk to me in the same way which I confirmed that she is not from bacolod and that she is a scammer. I was really ready to help her if she is genuinely in need but poor her, she should have learned Bacolodnons language first before she characterized us. Hope God will lead her to the right path or at least teach her to speak our language so that she can scam more people, trusting and helping people. I thank you…..BOW!!!

  32. Got the SMS as well. The last one being last night. The number used is 09179782384. I’m also using Globe postpaid.

  33. got this message also, but this time her name is Sam, site link w w

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  35. Menard :@azetoThanks for the feedback, and yes its the same scam.I will update my blog!

    Just texted me yesterday and planning to send her money. Her name she used is Sam Mendoza.

    See this link: hxxp://