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I updated to WordPress 2.8.3 security release today. I know it’s been less than 2 weeks since I updated to WP 2.8.2 and you might be wondering why the wordpress updates are more frequent nowadays but hey its a security release so I need to update.

Again, quoting wordpress official blog

Unfortunately, I missed some places when fixing the privilege escalation issues for 2.8.1. Luckily, the entire WordPress community has our backs. Several folks in the community dug deeper and discovered areas that were overlooked. With their help, the remaining issues are fixed in 2.8.3. Since this is a security release, upgrading is highly recommended.

Great community we got here at wordpress 🙂

My promised topic post list in my WP 2.8.2 is 25% complete. Only the top 10 influential blogger post is done 🙁
No excuses. But I will do better in the coming weeks.

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