Facebook Farm Town Cheats and Tips Part 4


This is the part 4 of my Facebook Farm Town Cheats post series.

I will discuss 3 different styles of play in the Farm Town game.

1. Power Levelling Play. Power levelling means gaining great amount of experience points (XP) so that you will level up in a short number of days. If you have plenty of time to spare, my suggestion is to do the following:

a. Choose either one of the following seeds to plant the super fast raspberry:


or the 4-hour grape seeds.


b. After 2 hours (or 4 hours) they will be ready for harvest and hire online friends or anyone from the market in need of a harvesting job

c. After harvest, let them plow your fields and plant again.

2. Busy-Buddy Play. The busy buddy play is vey useful when you have limited time to login in facebook (in a span of 1 week). This is especially true if you cannot login in FB everyday given that you are travelling or busy with work. My suggestion for this type of play is to go for:

pumpkinthe ever reliable pumpkin.

If you can plant the pumpkin seeds because of your level allows you, you should forget about the cotton seeds since the pumpkin seeds will give better number of coins in return (ROI). Waiting time is 4 days (so you can login every weekends.)

3. Good ROI Play. The Good ROI play is very useful if you are middle or high level already (25+) and you cannot afford the Power Levelling Play since you can only login FB once everyday. Good ROI play means planting the best seeds that will yield great number of coins in return.

a. If you prefer 1 day seeds go for cabbage seeds:


b. If you prefer 2-day seeds I suggest you go for either carrots:

carrot or pepper

pepperb. If you prefer 3-day seeds then the way to go is to plant blueberry:

blueberryor better yet go for the best: pineapple (if your level will allow you, since as you can see my farmer needs some more XP to unlock it)


This post is just giving you some tips depending on your preferred style of play.

If you are not after the coins and experience and just want to make your farm look great then plant whatever you like (or what you think will look good in your farm).

The important thing to remember here is you enjoy the game and have fun OK?

If you like this post or have other play styles in Facebook Farm Town Game, feel free to leave some comments here.

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