HoN: Heroes of Newerth


Ever heard of HoN Heroes of Newerth?

My office game buddies are raving about a new game called HoN Heroes of Newerth. I’m out of the loop since I’ve been absent from the usual DoTA-nights that we have in the internet cafe near the office. But since I’m open to new ideas and new games I’m creating some opinionated post for it. In the tradition of my free six video, my six cafe world cheats, my six mybrute cheats and my six Mafia Wars Cheats post, I am sharing some free six info, observation and opinion on Heroes of Newerth.

#1. First, Heroes of Newerth is game developed by S2 Games. They are also the developers of Savage: The Battle for Newerth and its sequel, Savage 2: A Tortured Soul. Visit the game site at http://www.heroesofnewerth.com

#2. DoTA-Based? The best description I can give now is that this game is based on DoTA (Defense of the Ancient, a Warcraft 3x map/mod) but take note of this: with better graphics and is running on a different game engine. I  feel that this is like putting more MMORPG feel in DoTA.

Coming from a DoTA player perspective, the overall game play (items + build + etc.) needs a little bit re-orientation but I guess if you are really a gamer you can catch up. Sorry NO LAN version.

#3. What’s the official status of the game? As of writing, they are Closed Beta. I heard that they are giving away some beta keys 2 weeks ago but my last check on their beta site (http://beta.heroesofnewerth.com) and via search in twitter: a post says that their 75,000 new beta keys are all taken. I will update this post if they will open another round of beta.

#4. How does the DoTA community take this game? Mixed reactions. Of course there are some nasty threads on the official DoTA Forum. And some DoTA-fanatics are irked by this new game at first. “Rip-off” seems to be a common opinion there 🙂

Poor me, by trolling the forums, I just recently found out that there are other DBG (DoTA-based game) out there like League of Legend and Demigod. But hold on…

#5. Icefrog, the main dev of DoTA seem to have some ice-breaker?
Quoting his comment on another forum

Originally Posted by IceFrog
They contacted me a few years ago to ask if I had any objections to them doing a game heavily based on DotA, which I didn’t. I don’t really mind all these new games (6 total now I think), competition is a good thing in the long run. I will still work hard to develop and improve DotA on WC3 for everyone that is still interested in it.

That settled it. I admire the wisdom of Icefrog. And the I know that the DoTA game will thrive even with the competition. Nuff said.

#6. So what’s my take here? Personally I’m in the “wait and see” mode. I’m too busy with so many other things and I do not know if I can actively test Heroes of Newerth in beta. There are also so many considerations like subscription fees after the beta period and the direction of the game. But I will update this post when I have new experience (or maybe create another one) in the future.

Hope my Heroes of Newerth post helps you.

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