Mafia Wars Cheats and Tips Part 2


This is the second part of my Mafia Wars Cheats and Tips post.

I’m a Mogul so my next mafia wars cheats and tips may be suited best for moguls or more to the cash oriented Mafiosi.

On Properties
As soon as you have some cash already, you can buy some properties in Mafia Wars. Properties let you earn recurring money over time (every 3 hours). There are 2 major types of properties: undeveloped space (land) and properties. You should buy land first then build properties in it.
Some important tips:

  • Buy land or properties in bulk (say in 5’s or 10’s or 20’s) not one piece at a time, since the price goes up after 1 transaction
  • After buying land or properties, take some time to check the price and buy again if the price is low
  • For high-end properties, they will have health points. It is advisable to protect them and repair them if they are damaged, since you will be a target of robberies/heists as soon as you have them
  • If you are really serious on properties you should learn how to protect them with boosts and items (like bodyguard, mutts, bulldog, etc)
  • Collect your take (your income) at least once very 24 hours to maximize the earnings, since if you don’t they will deduct some thing from your earnings

On Bank

When you deposit the bank takes away 10% of the total amount of the deposit. I have observed that the they are times that if you log out and have cash in your account and its big enough and you lose fights, your opponent mafia can get up to 65,000 dollars. This amount is big for beginners (but imho cheap for mid levels). So what I suggest is that for beginning stages use the bank. If somebody is milking you (fighting you all over again to get cash) use bank also.

In Cuba, always use the bank before you logout, since money situation is Cuba beta is lot different compared to New York.

Also depositing large amount of money is related to achievement. Your first one million and one trillion deposits (after charges) will earn you achievement points so make good use of this chance.

On Hospital
Don’t allow yourself to get killed. When you noticed your mafia’s health is low, go to the hospital and heal. Before you log out, make it a habit to heal yourself.

That’s all for now. I will post some mafia energy, jobs and fights soon. Stay tuned!

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