TrendLabs Blogcon Part 01

Personal Experiences

Last week’s Thursday (September 10) was TrendLabs Blogcon Day 01 and this post is my second post on the TrendLabs Blogcon 2009 event.

And in the In the tradition of my free six video, my six Mybrute cheats and tips post, my six Facebook Farm Town cheats post, my six Mafia Wars Cheats and Tips and my six tagalog love quotes post, I am sharing some six updates (highlights, quotes, learning’s etc.) on the TrendLabs Blogcon.

#1. Some Highlights: We had Jayvee Fernandez of He discussed his story on blogging: how he started, his memorable experiences and of course he answered the lively Q&A portion. I’m following Jayvee on twitter and added his blogsite to my blogroll/links page 🙂

#2. One memorable quote from Jayvee that stuck into my mind was

“Fight in Public. Apologize in public”.

This is his response to a question given to him on how he handled some difficult times (criticisms) in his blog. It’s difficult to explain the background of the quote, but the key learning for me is that as a blogger, you should be responsible for what you post. If ever you bring your discussion and arguments online, you should be responsible to apologize online if needed.

#3. Another key learning/reinforcement for me is his advise on (how to start) blogging: “The best way to start is to just start blogging”.  Yup, free tools are available in the web and they are very easy to use. You will hear this advise very often especially from those who are spreading the word about blogging (they call it blogging evangelism). I agree 100% to this statement and I have written similar learnings in other post here at my blog.

#4. On blogging community. I’m happy meet and greet with other Trender bloggers (and soon-to-be-bloggers). Hope to meet more on the next sessions 🙂

#5. One of lowlights (on the personal level I guess): I missed the last part (some 30 minutes) because I need to attend to some urgent official tasks. Thanks to Myla and the organizers, they were kind enough to lend us one of the meeting rooms for our conference call.

#6. So what’s the sixth to complete the free six?

Definitely one of the highlights: The Freebies, especially the TrendLabs Blogcon shirt!


The shirts tagline is  “me kwenta kwento ko”. And I will let the team translate it in the comments section 🙂

But definitely one of the best shirts that TM has given away!!!

Looking forward for the TrendLabs Blogcon Day 02!

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