My Wordcamp Philippines 2009 Experience

Personal Experiences

I had some great time at WorkCampPH 2009 yesterday at the Asian Institute of Management (AIM) in Makati. The event was organized by folks. This was my 2nd blogger event (first one was the Nuffnang and Goldilocks event at the Fort last month). Some highlights:

  • Blogie Robillio welcomed the WordCampers and introduced the Mindanao Bloggers Community. Migs Hipolito was the emcee.
  • Beau Lebens of Automattic presented the WordPress family. bbPress, BuddyPress, Backpress and GlotPress are new stuffs for me (WP and WP-MU are oldies). I think BuddyPress is cool. I like how Beau and the lead dev coined it as Facebook BYOTOS (Bring Your Own Terms of Service).
  • Markku Seguerra shared his WordPress in the Wild. The way he titled his session as “in the wild”, I know it would be related to IT-security related so this got me very much interested. The preso was cool and I appreciate his “security in mind” discussions. I also liked his advise on content theft (which is to Blog about it!).  Nice 🙂
  • Danny Arao, a professor in UP and a writer from talked about Citizen Journalism and the next year’s election. I love his “hirits” and opinions on politics as well as his explanation on Responsible expression. I now have a better understanding on of how can blogger and journalist help each other on the coming elections
  • Seth Bindernagel of Mozilla came in next to discuss Mozilla and its open source initiatives. I feel that a localized (Filipino) version of FireFox will be on the roll soon.
  • Regnard Raquedan shared AIM background and  excellence and invited the attendees to check out what AIM can offer for them.
  • Jeff Villafranca talked about Editorial Voice in Tech Blogging after lunch. I don’t consider myself as 100% tech blogger, but since I also write about techie stuffs in my blog and I understand Jeff points especially on “taste” and other finer points in his presentation.
  • Coy Caballes busted some myths on video-blogging. His preso is a good eye opener to me on vlogging and It made me think to consider to try making one in the future
  • Gail Villanueva discussed some advance WordPress topics: Portfolio and Directory site. Preso was colorful and full of tricks, WordPress magic nga!
  • Last preso was done by Karla Redor on WordPress as the ultimate CMS (Content Management System).

I’m happy that little by little I am getting over my shyness and have some good time interacting with the blogging community. How?

  • Shook hands with Jehzlau
  • Met, greeted and chat with other WordCampers: Randy Marasigan and some fellow Mapuan bloggers (they are the folks behind and soon to be released and Ederic.
  • Met NuffnangPH folks. Exchanged cards with Carlos Palma. Didn’t see Judd Sta. Maria although Carlos said he was in the event

To the rest of the Campers there that I greeted (and I forgot to mention here) or was in the event but I was not able to mingle with, kindly drop some comments and I will return the favor by visiting your blog/sites. Promise 🙂

To the #WordCampPH tweeps, I’ll follow you in twitter too.

Lastly, my congratulations to the organizers and volunteers of the WordCamp Philippines 2009 event. See you in WordCamp Philippines 2010!!!

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