Breakfast. Malware. Lunch. Products. Dinner. Blogs

In the RSA 2009 Conference that I attended early this year, I participated in an exercise called Six Word Memoirs. In this exercise the organizers invited the attendees to tell the story of their life with one big catch – do it in only six words. This is quite a challenge, I know most of the attendees are tech freaks and geeks but explaining our life and our stuffs in six words really needs some creativity. I used my imaginative mind and came up with: Breakfast. Malware. Lunch. Products. Dinner. Blogs.

Why did I choose those six words?

I choose Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner because I love to eat 🙂 … so 3 words to go 🙂

I choose Malware next since my work-life revolves around malware (addressing and combating it, not creating and propagating it OK?). Next word came into my mind was Products. As a product manager I know that to finally deliver the solutions to the customers, security products and suites play important role. The last word is Blogs. I am relatively new to blogging and to the social media stuffs, but I believe that blogs and social media will play a crucial role in the security and technology arena. And that completes my cool six words: Breakfast. Malware. Lunch. Products. Dinner. Blogs

If you want to read more about RSA Six Word Memoirs and read what other security geeks wrote in kindly visit this RSA Site. Also some love link to Smith Magazine for picking my six words as one of their favorites.

The Day My Blog Responded “Bandwidth Limit Exceeded”

Yesterday my blog responded with a Bandwidth Limit Exceeded message. I have tweeted about it here.

Menardconnect: waaaaah!!! Bandwidth Limit Exceeded!!! Fixing this now
1:19 PM Oct 27th from TweetDeck

I am very thankful that my web hosting company was very helpful and they have helped me fix this issue right away.

What is Bandwidth Limit Exceeded in simple terms? If you are a just doing some basic internet surfing, this means that the website you are visiting have reached the limit of amount of data transfer allowed in a period of time (usually a monthly quota) by its web hosting company. If the site you are visiting is your own website, then the explanation is the same but the ball is in your hands 🙂 . You should contact your web hosting company and upgrade your web-hosting plan to accommodate more data transfer or discuss other ways on how you can fix the problem.

Looking at the positive side of things: this is a good news in general; this bandwidth limit exceeded message usually means that your website have more visitors and more traffic.

Moving forward, some key lessons that I learned related to this incident:

  • this can be avoided with better planning and proper monitoring in place
  • I need attend to the paper work in a more timely manner or suffer the consequences 🙂

Facebook Cafe World Cheats and Tips: Free Cafe Cash, Free Cafe Coins and New Café Expansion

There are some new cool updates for Café World that Zynga offered today. And I will feature these updates in my Cafe World cheats and tips blog post.

When you log in to Cafe World for the first time today they will give you a preview of what to expect:


The Plentiful Cafe expansion is worth 125,000 cafe coins and will expand your cafe into the current biggest available area (12 x 13)


Next important update is the availability of Cafe Coins and Cafe Cash.


This Cafe Cash and Cafe Coins are for the rich kids that play Cafe World 🙂


(They are not free for now sorry, but in case I have news on some free stuffs for Cafe World I will update this post.)

And of course payment can be made via PayPal or via your credit card (Visa, MasterCard or Discover)


If you want to have more free cafe world cafe cash and for more cafe world tips kindly visit this Cafe World Guide page.

Have Fun!!!

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Funny Pics from Manila

Seen in a hospital in Manila, Philippines


Zooming in my low tech camera


Yummy!!! 🙂

I won’t mention the name of the hospital (but I will leave it up to you if you want to try your luck and guess in the comment section. You can also leave me a note via my contact page).

I am wondering what do they serve in that canteen. But hopefully the dishes I serve in my Cafe World Cheats canteen are better.

Take a look at my cafe:


Hope everyone will have a great week ahead!!!

Facebook Cafe World Cheats and Tips Part 3: New Exciting Dishes

Zynga added some new content to Facebook Cafe World today. Several new tasty dishes that will definitely bring new flavors to the picky palates of the Café World fanatics. I am featuring them in my 3rd Cafe World Cheats and Tips post.

First we have the Chips and Guacamole. This is a perfect dish for the Cinco de Mayo Festival. Cook time is 3 minutes, the fastest one in the café world game. This dish sells 3 coins per serving.
chips and guacamole

Next is the Caramel Apples, a great dessert if you will ask me. This dish needs 2 hours cook time and sells 4 coins per serving.
caramel apples

Next is the Pumpkin Pie, a teaser for the Halloween I think. This dish needs 12 hours cook time just like the Triple Berry Cheesecake, but this one sells at 4 coins per serving.

pumpkin pie

Last but not the least is the uniquely named Vampire Staked Steak that needs the whole 24 hours for cooking and sells at 6 coins per serving.
vampire staked steak

Happy cooking everyone!!! Enjoy the Cafe World game in Facebook.

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Another Pharma-related Spam SMS in the Philippines

I got another spam sms last week. I am labeling it as sms spam because they are unsolicited sms or text messages. Whats new with this sms spam? It is interesting to note that it is pharmacy related: meaning they are offering you some medicinal or food supplements.

Here is a sample of the sms message:

Control ur Appetite, Blood Sugar & Cholesterol- Detoxify & Lose Weight -F*****IFE! Money Back GUARANTEE. Call Anthony (02) 215-****

As per my previous pharmacy related sms spam post, I’m bleeping the company name and the contact number, but I’m posting the sender’s number: +639359775333

To the sender, if you want to complain to me and inquire why I am tagging you as spam, you can leave a note via my contact page

But for now, you send me SMS message and its unsolicited hence it’s a SPAM SMS.

If you also receive similar unsolicited sms messages, kindly leave some comments here.

Facebook Cafe World Cheats and Tips Part 2: New Gifts for Extra Coins

Zynga recently added new content to Facebook Cafe World. Before only beverages were offered as free gifts in Cafe World but now some appetizers and desserts are up as give-aways to your friends and cafe neighbors. And as a follow up to my Cafe World Cheats post here are the new gifts to give your friends some extra coins.

First of all is the Calamata Olives. It gives 14 coins per customer dining in your café.

Calamata Olives in Cafe World

Next is the Spicy Kimchi. Its gives 10 coins per customer.
Spicy Kimchi Cafe World

Next is the Sweet Sugar Cookies and it provides 5 extra coins per customer.
Sweet Sugar Cookie Cafe World

Last but not the least is the Chocolate Chunk Cookies and it provided 5 extra coins too like the Sweet Sugar Cookies.
Chocolate Chunk Cookies Cafe World

On your next login to Facebook and Cafe World, do not forget to send your café world friends some gifts so that they too can get their extra coins. You can send gifts by clicking the Free Gifts tab and choosing any of the gifts and send to your friends.



Hope you are having fun with the Facebook Cafe World game.

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Blog Action Day 2009: Climate Change

Today is Blog Action Day on Climate Change. I promised here that I will do another post on the exact date so here it is.

I am not a climatology or meteorology expert so I will keep my post short and simple.

As we all know the Philippines was badly hit by two typhoons recently. Typhoon Ondoy (Ketsana) poured a whole month’s worth of rainfall in a span of 6 hours in Metro Manila and nearby provinces and Typhoon Pepeng (Parma) put so much devastation to the northern part of the Philippines on the succeeding week. Hundreds of lives were lost and crops and properties were damaged. These 2 catastrophic events in my opinion are part of the effects of climate change and similar incidents will happen in the future more often on the global scene.

I believe that awareness plays a key role in understanding climate change. I am lucky that Internet is very accessible to me and a great deal of information is available at my fingertips. I am taking this Blog Action Day as a start to know more and read the articles and links provided by bloggers. Seriously this is a good refresher on the basic terminologies like climate change, global warming, greenhouse effect and such. I know these terms were discussed in school but let’s admit it that as we go on with our daily lives, these things we tend to forget or ignore. I will be more attentive and more sensitive to the issues moving forward.

What I can do? I understand that some efforts will involve the big political and economic powers of the world (change global and national policies, treaty ratification, etc.). But I also know that as an individual there are some things I  can do to alleviate the problem (waste segregation, less dependence on plastics, less CFC usage, other green and save earth initiatives) and I am committing myself to do my part.

Some useful articles on understanding climate change:

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    by Noemi Dado
  • <other links of bloggers to be posted soon>

TrendLabs Blogcon Part 04

We had the TrendLabs Blogcon Day 04 last week October 6, 2009. The TrendLabs Blogcon event was initially set for September but given the aftermath of Typhoon Ondoy, the organizers have decided to extend it for another week. We had our very own Ryan Flores and he discussed the history of Malware Blog and his experiences on tech blogging.

On the early part of the session, I was “senti”-mode: reminiscing the Malware Diary (the predecessor of Malware Blog), the early entries and oldies issues. Ryan then gave helpful tips on tech blogging especiallly on the TrendLabs, Antivirus and Internet Security setting. He eloquently raised one important point “Always maintain a security mindset” which I also seriously undertake to ingrain in most of the posts in my blog. At the last part of his session, I asked Ryan if he is promoting his personal blog, but I got a more interesting reply: for the current personal blog his answer was no, but another blog/website is in the works and that one he will be actively promoting in the future. Thanks Ryan for sharing to us your views and expertise on blogging, and I am looking forward for the new website!

Myla Pilao, our Tech Marketing Director formally closed the TrendLabs Blogcon sessions and announced that there will be some more blogging-related activities in store for TrendLabs peeps in the future. She also slipped something about my little secret (hehehe I’m shy po 🙂 ).

Again, let me congratulate the organizers and the whole TrendLabs Tech Marketing for a very successful TrendLabs Blogcon event. More power to you guys and gals!

And to the TrendLabs Blogcon attendees, bloggers and soon to be bloggers, let’s keep in touch, OK?

Let me end this post again by saying: TrendLabs Blogcon FTW!!!

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