TrendLabs Blogcon Part 03

Personal Experiences

September 22, 2009 was TrendLabs Blogcon Day 3. We had the men behind Hay!Men! Ang Blog ng Tunay na Lalake! This is the first time that  TrendLabs Blogcon had many guests so the presentation setup was like a panel discussion.

Day 3 was a FUN!!! I was initially planning to do live tweeting, but I can’t stop myself from laughing so I gave up and let @TL_Blogcon do the live tweeting. The discussion started with their controversial manifesto and it revolved to be an enjoyable and enlightening presentation.

And of course the in the tradition of my six Mafia Wars Cheats post, my six Cafe World Cheats post, my six Farm Town Cheats post, my six Mybrute Cheats post, my six Philippine Lotto tips post and my Free Six Video post, I am sharing my six insights on the Day 3 session.

  1. Comment policy. I admit that before the session, I was really disappointed at TNL’s blog comments (this is the main reason why I stopped reading their blog), but after the authors’ explanation of their blog, its history, its evolution, their policies on posting articles and comments, I understood their blog more and I find this strategy applicable for their blog. They regained one reader: me 🙂
  2. You really cannot please everybody. Since Hay!Men! Blog discusses controversial issues its normal that they have loyalists/fans as well haters too.
  3. The importance of Right Timing. Timing is really important in blogging and one of their techniques is posting hot topics that their readers are raving for. Being updated on the current events helped them to relate more to their readers.
  4. On Sensitivity. I appreciate what they did when President Cory died; they just posted a yellow ribbon and not posted their “usual” TnL/DTnL stuffs. Of course we know what happened: the readers and their comments continue it for them, but for me that is is reader’s contribution to their blog.
  5. Collaborative blogging is challenging. But if you and your blog teammates can pull it through it is very rewarding.
  6. Different bloggers have different styles of blogging. You have to pick what will fit you and what wont.

It is really good that TrendLabs have give us these Blogcon sessions and let us experience different flavors of blogging.

To the guys behind Hay!Men! Ang Blog ng Tunay na Lalake: Thank you for sharing to us your time and your blogging experience! More power to you and your blog!!!

I am excited for the final TrendLabs Blogcon session. See you in TrendLabs Blogcon Day 4 tomorrow!

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