TrendLabs Blogcon Part 04

Personal Experiences

We had the TrendLabs Blogcon Day 04 last week October 6, 2009. The TrendLabs Blogcon event was initially set for September but given the aftermath of Typhoon Ondoy, the organizers have decided to extend it for another week. We had our very own Ryan Flores and he discussed the history of Malware Blog and his experiences on tech blogging.

On the early part of the session, I was “senti”-mode: reminiscing the Malware Diary (the predecessor of Malware Blog), the early entries and oldies issues. Ryan then gave helpful tips on tech blogging especiallly on the TrendLabs, Antivirus and Internet Security setting. He eloquently raised one important point “Always maintain a security mindset” which I also seriously undertake to ingrain in most of the posts in my blog. At the last part of his session, I asked Ryan if he is promoting his personal blog, but I got a more interesting reply: for the current personal blog his answer was no, but another blog/website is in the works and that one he will be actively promoting in the future. Thanks Ryan for sharing to us your views and expertise on blogging, and I am looking forward for the new website!

Myla Pilao, our Tech Marketing Director formally closed the TrendLabs Blogcon sessions and announced that there will be some more blogging-related activities in store for TrendLabs peeps in the future. She also slipped something about my little secret (hehehe I’m shy po 🙂 ).

Again, let me congratulate the organizers and the whole TrendLabs Tech Marketing for a very successful TrendLabs Blogcon event. More power to you guys and gals!

And to the TrendLabs Blogcon attendees, bloggers and soon to be bloggers, let’s keep in touch, OK?

Let me end this post again by saying: TrendLabs Blogcon FTW!!!

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