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Today is Blog Action Day on Climate Change. I promised here that I will do another post on the exact date so here it is.

I am not a climatology or meteorology expert so I will keep my post short and simple.

As we all know the Philippines was badly hit by two typhoons recently. Typhoon Ondoy (Ketsana) poured a whole month’s worth of rainfall in a span of 6 hours in Metro Manila and nearby provinces and Typhoon Pepeng (Parma) put so much devastation to the northern part of the Philippines on the succeeding week. Hundreds of lives were lost and crops and properties were damaged. These 2 catastrophic events in my opinion are part of the effects of climate change and similar incidents will happen in the future more often on the global scene.

I believe that awareness plays a key role in understanding climate change. I am lucky that Internet is very accessible to me and a great deal of information is available at my fingertips. I am taking this Blog Action Day as a start to know more and read the articles and links provided by bloggers. Seriously this is a good refresher on the basic terminologies like climate change, global warming, greenhouse effect and such. I know these terms were discussed in school but let’s admit it that as we go on with our daily lives, these things we tend to forget or ignore. I will be more attentive and more sensitive to the issues moving forward.

What I can do? I understand that some efforts will involve the big political and economic powers of the world (change global and national policies, treaty ratification, etc.). But I also know that as an individual there are some things I  can do to alleviate the problem (waste segregation, less dependence on plastics, less CFC usage, other green and save earth initiatives) and I am committing myself to do my part.

Some useful articles on understanding climate change:

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