Facebook Cafe World Cheats and Tips Part 2: New Gifts for Extra Coins


Zynga recently added new content to Facebook Cafe World. Before only beverages were offered as free gifts in Cafe World but now some appetizers and desserts are up as give-aways to your friends and cafe neighbors. And as a follow up to my Cafe World Cheats post here are the new gifts to give your friends some extra coins.

First of all is the Calamata Olives. It gives 14 coins per customer dining in your café.

Calamata Olives in Cafe World

Next is the Spicy Kimchi. Its gives 10 coins per customer.
Spicy Kimchi Cafe World

Next is the Sweet Sugar Cookies and it provides 5 extra coins per customer.
Sweet Sugar Cookie Cafe World

Last but not the least is the Chocolate Chunk Cookies and it provided 5 extra coins too like the Sweet Sugar Cookies.
Chocolate Chunk Cookies Cafe World

On your next login to Facebook and Cafe World, do not forget to send your café world friends some gifts so that they too can get their extra coins. You can send gifts by clicking the Free Gifts tab and choosing any of the gifts and send to your friends.



Hope you are having fun with the Facebook Cafe World game.

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