Facebook Cafe World Cheats and Tips: Free Cafe Cash, Free Cafe Coins and New Café Expansion


There are some new cool updates for Café World that Zynga offered today. And I will feature these updates in my Cafe World cheats and tips blog post.

When you log in to Cafe World for the first time today they will give you a preview of what to expect:


The Plentiful Cafe expansion is worth 125,000 cafe coins and will expand your cafe into the current biggest available area (12 x 13)


Next important update is the availability of Cafe Coins and Cafe Cash.


This Cafe Cash and Cafe Coins are for the rich kids that play Cafe World 🙂


(They are not free for now sorry, but in case I have news on some free stuffs for Cafe World I will update this post.)

And of course payment can be made via PayPal or via your credit card (Visa, MasterCard or Discover)


If you want to have more free cafe world cafe cash and for more cafe world tips kindly visit this Cafe World Guide page.

Have Fun!!!

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