Breakfast. Malware. Lunch. Products. Dinner. Blogs

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In the RSA 2009 Conference that I attended early this year, I participated in an exercise called Six Word Memoirs. In this exercise the organizers invited the attendees to tell the story of their life with one big catch – do it in only six words. This is quite a challenge, I know most of the attendees are tech freaks and geeks but explaining our life and our stuffs in six words really needs some creativity. I used my imaginative mind and came up with: Breakfast. Malware. Lunch. Products. Dinner. Blogs.

Why did I choose those six words?

I choose Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner because I love to eat 🙂 … so 3 words to go 🙂

I choose Malware next since my work-life revolves around malware (addressing and combating it, not creating and propagating it OK?). Next word came into my mind was Products. As a product manager I know that to finally deliver the solutions to the customers, security products and suites play important role. The last word is Blogs. I am relatively new to blogging and to the social media stuffs, but I believe that blogs and social media will play a crucial role in the security and technology arena. And that completes my cool six words: Breakfast. Malware. Lunch. Products. Dinner. Blogs

If you want to read more about RSA Six Word Memoirs and read what other security geeks wrote in kindly visit this RSA Site. Also some love link to Smith Magazine for picking my six words as one of their favorites.