Facebook Cafe World Cheats and Tips Part 5: New Recipes


Again Zynga added some new content to the Facebook Café World: 2 new dishes that can spice up the lives of Café World Fanatics and I’m posting it here as the part 5 of my Facebook Cafe World Cheats and Tips series.

First recipe is the Cracked Peking Duck. Costs 900 coins and will serve 1200 people (@3 coins per serving). Given that the cook time is 18 hours, the target for this recipe are those café world fans who cannot login to Facebook in multiple times of the day.

Crackling Peking Duck
Next recipe is the Herbed Halibut. This recipe costs 700 coins and is good for 900 servings (@ 5 coins per serving). Cook time is 1 day so this is a good alternative to Vampire Staked Steak or Spitfire Roasted Chicken.

Herbed Halibut

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