Reminder to Mapua Alumni

I got some email reminder from my college yahoogroups (mapuan and microns) and I am reposting it here in my blog: Fellow MAPUANS, NAMA office advised all Mapua Alumni to get a copy of their authenticated Diploma and Transcript of Records (TOR) within this year (2009). This is in connection to the confirmation from the… Continue reading Reminder to Mapua Alumni

PaJaMa 2009 Conference

I’m in Taipei since Saturday noon. I attended Trend Micro’s PaJaMa 2009 conference held at the Sunworld Dynasty Hotel Taipei. PaJaMa 2009 – The Smart Protection Network Conference’s tagline was “Be the light that brings the rainbow” and I am sharing some of my personal insights and experience here in my blog. What is PaJaMa… Continue reading PaJaMa 2009 Conference

Facebook Café World Cheats and Tips: Cooked Dishes as Free Gifts

Now your can send free cooked dishes to your Cafe World Friends. Zynga introduced today some new and exciting updates that will enable you to send cooked dishes as free gifts for your Cafe world friends. I will discuss it in detail here in my Cafe World Cheats post so that you and your friends… Continue reading Facebook Café World Cheats and Tips: Cooked Dishes as Free Gifts

Menardconnect Pagerank Drop

After Menardconnect PageRank 1 update last April and PageRank 2 update on the end of May 2009, this blog’s Google Page Rank dropped to PR1 last week. What is Pagerank by the way? PageRank is Google’s proprietary method of calculating a website or web page’s relevance and importance via some complicated link analysis algorithm. It… Continue reading Menardconnect Pagerank Drop