Reminder to Mapua Alumni

I got some email reminder from my college yahoogroups (mapuan and microns) and I am reposting it here in my blog:


NAMA office advised all Mapua Alumni to get a copy of their authenticated Diploma and Transcript of Records (TOR) within this year (2009).

This is in connection to the confirmation from the NAMA secretary that Mapua documents will be replaced by Malayan documents by 2010.

Meaning, if you requested a copy of your TOR in January 2010, you will be receiving a TOR with the MALAYAN logo. And most probably, a MALAYAN diploma too.

Also, if you still don’t have your NAMA Id, the NAMA office is urging us to get the Id within this year (2009).

Not sure though if the NAMA office at MIT-Intramuros will be removed once the implementation of the said change pushes through in 2010.

Please call the Customer Service or NAMA office for clarifications before making any action.

Mapua Hotline is (02) 247-5000.

Also, please take time to register in the NAMA site:

Please do inform other MAPUANS.


When I’m back in Manila I will make sure to drop by Intramuros campus to get the docs.

PaJaMa 2009 Conference

I’m in Taipei since Saturday noon. I attended Trend Micro’s PaJaMa 2009 conference held at the Sunworld Dynasty Hotel Taipei. PaJaMa 2009 – The Smart Protection Network Conference’s tagline was “Be the light that brings the rainbow” and I am sharing some of my personal insights and experience here in my blog.

What is PaJaMa conference? It’s not a sleepover party OK? It is a conference for Trend Micro Product Managers, Project Managers, Product Development Group (PDG) members and related engineering and support teams. Attendees discussed some of Trend Micro’s top secret projects 🙂 (OK not so secret already since Trend Micro Smart Protection Network (SPN) is making waves out there in the cloud security scene 🙂 ). The first PaJaMa meeting I attended was the one in Manila (way back 2004 I think) when I was still a new process/project manager. We were given real pajamas to wear in the evening and we had one great party at the poolside of Shangri-la Edsa (oh me is reminiscing 😀 ). Why PaJaMa? I guess the word “PaJaMa” was derived from the initials of PM (Product Manager) and JM (Project Manager) which includes majority of the attendees. This is also the probable reason why the letters P, J and M are capitalized in the PaJaMa word.

On the first day our CEO Eva Chen delivered the Keynote Speech. Then our CTO Raimund Genes discussed the Trend Micro SPN history and overview. Other Trend Micro Executives and Architects (John Maddison, Charlie Lee, and YC Chen to mention a few) did several presentations and live demos related to Trend Micro SPN. In the afternoon we had some workshop focusing on integrating different core modules. I was a little bit nervous (and excited too), because my group assigned me as the Group/Table Presenter for our mini-MRD/PRD. Good thing the organizers did some drawing of lots and our group was not lucky enough to be chosen to present that afternoon.

PaJaMa Party is not geek stuff all day. In the evening of Day 1 we had dinner and party at Outback Steak House. We had  live band performing; some beer drinking competitions between teams and a lots of dancing too.

During the second day, we had more presentations, live demos and an extension of the 1st day’s workshop sessions. Before the conference ended, the engineering team and the organizers gave out some commendations (Best Supportability/Serviceability Award, Best Localization Award and Best IT/SLA Award) to product teams. You can check out the winners from my tweets here (and read the next 4 tweets too)

All throughout the two days I’m shaking hands and chatting with colleagues from all over the world: fellow PMs, JMs, Product Developments Group (PDG) members, Core Technology and AntiMalware Group team mates, Service Engineer Group (SEG) members, Global Support Team members and other sub teams. Most of them I have the chance to work together on some projects (previous and ongoing ones); some I have exchanged e-mails before but just met in person for the very the first time, and honesty I feel great that I can finally match the name (and email address) with a face. To sum it up it’s like I’m going to run for the local 2010 elections ?

To all PaJaMa 2009 attendees, I hope you enjoyed the conference like I did. I also wish that I can be part of next PaJaMa Conference.

Facebook Café World Cheats and Tips: Cooked Dishes as Free Gifts

Now your can send free cooked dishes to your Cafe World Friends. Zynga introduced today some new and exciting updates that will enable you to send cooked dishes as free gifts for your Cafe world friends. I will discuss it in detail here in my Cafe World Cheats post so that you and your friends can have some extra Cafe World coins.

These free dishes can be sent as gifts by going to the Free Gifts tab in Café world and selecting the dishes as gifts
New Cafe World Gifts

You can choose from any the following

  • 15 servings of Bacon Cheeseburger
  • 20 servings of Homestyle Pot Roast
  • 37 servings of Jumbo Shrimp Cocktail
  • 40 servings of Spaghetti and Meatballs
  • 50 servings of Tony’s Classic Pizza
  • 60 servings of Voodoo Chicken Salad
  • 50 servings of King Crab Bisque
  • 70 servings of Kung Pao Stir Fry
  • 70 servings of Fiery Fish Tacos
  • 75 servings of Overstuffed Peppers
  • 60 servings of Impossible Quiche

New Cafe World Gifts 2

After sending the free dishes your friend will receive a confirmation in his/her Facebook page

Gift Message

After accepting the gifts, your friend can use it by opening their Gifts Tab and serving the free dishes.

Free Gifts Ready to Serve

The gifts are ready to serve and will be automatically placed in the available café counters after clicking the serve button.

You can also send to your friend some new decors as gift

New Gifts plus Decors

  • Blue Roses
  • Orange Roses
  • Pink Roses

So what are you waiting for? Log on and send some free gifts to your Cafe World Friends 🙂

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Menardconnect Pagerank Drop

After Menardconnect PageRank 1 update last April and PageRank 2 update on the end of May 2009, this blog’s Google Page Rank dropped to PR1 last week.

What is Pagerank by the way? PageRank is Google’s proprietary method of calculating a website or web page’s relevance and importance via some complicated link analysis algorithm. It is set on a scale of 1 to 10 (e.g PR1 to PR10) and the general rule is the higher the PR number the better (for the website).

I also read some of the fellow bloggers’ post on the PR updates recently and its helpful to see some explanation that there are really occasional drops in the rankings from time to time.

One key learning that got from this incident is that Pagerank is one good indicator or metrics for a blog/website, but it is NOT the only indicator that a blogger should watch out for and should take into consideration. For me, I’ll just continue to blog and seek ways on how to improve my blog (and hopefully Pagerank will follow).

How about you? Did you also have some Pagerank updates for your website recently?

Facebook Cafe World Cheats and Tips Part 5: New Recipes

Again Zynga added some new content to the Facebook Café World: 2 new dishes that can spice up the lives of Café World Fanatics and I’m posting it here as the part 5 of my Facebook Cafe World Cheats and Tips series.

First recipe is the Cracked Peking Duck. Costs 900 coins and will serve 1200 people (@3 coins per serving). Given that the cook time is 18 hours, the target for this recipe are those café world fans who cannot login to Facebook in multiple times of the day.

Crackling Peking Duck
Next recipe is the Herbed Halibut. This recipe costs 700 coins and is good for 900 servings (@ 5 coins per serving). Cook time is 1 day so this is a good alternative to Vampire Staked Steak or Spitfire Roasted Chicken.

Herbed Halibut

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