Happy 1st Year Anniversary to Menardconnect.com

Blog Experiences

Yehey!!! My blog turned 1-year old this week. The first post was the Hello World done December 2, 2008; the same day when I registered menardconnect.com domain and set up the hosted WordPress platform. The second one (and I believe a more formal and complete article) was the Eraserheads Reunion Concert CD Review posted on December 4, 2008.

After 196 posts, 874 legit comments, 6379 spam comments, 49 Feedburner (RSS+Mail) subscribers, 3 Pagerank updates (other stats will go here, not sure what to put now) I am very happy about the first year activities of menardconnect.com. And now my thank you notes:

First of all, thank God for all the blessings He has given my family, my blog and me this year. These blessings will always remind me to blog and make use of technology for good and meaningful things.

Second, I would like to thank Raven, my family and my friends for the support, encouragement and inspiration they have given me. Thanks also to my blogger-friends, office-mates and mentors who shared the passion, knowledge and expertise in blogging and writing. Thanks also to the wonderful blogging community.

Lastly, my thanks and appreciation goes the readers, subscribers and supporters of this blog. I cherish your presence and support, and I will do my best to make menardconnect.com better and better each day!

I consider the whole December as the anniversary month of this blog and will posts on other activities related to this event soon.