Free Six Info: Facebook PetVille Cheats and Tips


Petville is one of the hottest games in town now. It is the newest –Ville game from Zynga (following the footsteps of the Fishville, YoVille and Farmville). And in the tradition of the my six Cafe World Cheats, my six FishVille Cheats, my six Mafia Wars Cheats, my six Mybrute cheats, my six Farm Town Cheats, my six Social City Cheats and my Free Six Video posts I am sharing some six info, tips and cheats for Facebook Petville.


#1. PetVille is a Virtual Pet game in Facebook (and Myspace too). This is a fun game and it has a cute and catchy soundtrack especially the one in the intro.

At first, you will be asked to customized how your pet will look and then you can groom and play with your pet. Some important games concepts in Petville includes the love points, which is very much similar to XP (experience points) and of course Petville coins.

#2. Ok lets go into the PetVille tips: How do you get coins and love points? In your own PetVille room you can feed your pet using the food bowl:


And clean your pet (by rubbing the soap)


and Pick up trash in your room.

#3. Next PetVille Tip is to get many Neighbors and send them free PetVille gifts

PetVille is a social game and neighbors are important in getting more coins and love points and therefore your pet will level up faster. When you start the game there is automatically 1 neighbor for the Petville (her name is Nosie). On the 1st visit to neighbor there will be short demo. But if you did not pay attention, its ok just proceed to the next tip

#4. Next PetVille Tip on getting more coins and love points: When you get to a neighbor’s house the first thing to do is play with the neighbor. You need to pick if you want to high five, gossip, tickle, dance, kiss or handshake the other pet.


My favorite is of course to Dance since they seem to do a cute dance like the Wonder Girls: Nobody Nobody But You 😀


Then you can clean and bathe the neighbor’s pet


And then you can clean the neighbor’s house for unwanted thrash


After cleaning there will be an indicator on how many trash are left


Take note that trash is not just on the ground, some are up there somewhere


Its advisable to clean all trash so that you will have a Good Housekeeping Bonus, for more extra coins and love points


#5. And the next on my Petville Cheats and Tips list: The fastest way to earn love points is to buys furniture and stuffs in the store.

buy furnitures from the store

#6. And lastly my final Petville tip: Do not cheat! Why? Similar to what I advised on my Fishville Cheats, Cafe World Cheats, Mafia Wars Cheats, Farm Town Cheats and Mybrute Cheats posts: Cheaters never win! There will be other blog posts out there encouraging you to use some cheat tools and cheat engines but I recommend that you DO NOT run executable programs unless you know 100% what these tools will do to your PC or Mac (on the file, system and registry level via reverse engineering, system monitoring, etc.) There are a lot of malware, spyware, keyloggers, and Trojan downloaders out there that are disguised as cheat engines and cheat tools so better be not the next victim OK?

Hope you like my Facebook Petville Cheats and Tips post. I will be posting some other Petville tips here in my blog soon to so don’t forget to subscribe to my blog.