Facebook PetVille Cheats and Tips: Bubble Pop Game


Zynga is trying some new features for the Facebook Petville game and I’m posting it here in my Petville Cheats and Tips post.

Me and my pet noted that there was something new in the world icon


Upon clicking the world icon there is a new addition to the usual options of going to the furniture and clothing stores. There is now a game section called Bubble Pop game


When you want to play Bubble Pop, there will be some instruction on how to play the game


Your pet will blow some bubbles and you have to pop the bubble it to finish the round and move on to the next level


The game is very easy 🙂


And in my humble opinion the game is very suitable for kids, but adults will find it boring after some rounds.

I hope that Zynga would be more creative in the next updates of the games section in PetVille.

Hope you like my Facebook PetVille tips update post.