Another Google Adsense Check and Some Thank You Notes

Blog Experiences

I got another Google Adsense check recently but I have not created a blog post about it immediately due to some other pressing matters (I just tweeted about it). And I since I mentioned in my earlier blogging post that:

Other Pinoy bloggers who helped me in one way or another deserve some link love posts too, but alas, that’s worth another post or two in the future.

Here is my 2000 and late thank you notes to some bloggers who helped me and when we were just starting.

My appreciation and gratitude to:

  • Tonyo of Tonyo is very helpful in providing insights on blogging, social media and how to interact with the community. His tech, social issues and politics blog is a great resource for some of the articles here
  • Bro.Utoy of Bro. Utoy Saves. Bro. Utoy’s posts make me laugh, smile and it also keeps the (blogging) discouragement at bay. (note: I believe Bro. Utoy is now on his self-imposed blogging break, but I know he will be back in the scene)
  • Jehzlau of Jehzlau’s Concepts. Jehzlau is very approachable and is very helpful to bloggers both old and new.
  • Macky and Jercyl of TrendLabs Tech Marketing Team. The two wonderful ladies helped me write my first ever article for an IT magazine, and that article was really an inspiration for this blog. On the early stages of my blog, they were always there when I have simple questions on blogging, social media and the blogosphere.
  • And of course: Marhgil of and Zigfred of Why the two? I have posted it on my proud to be a guerilla blogger post.

I would like to thank a lot of other people (especially from my high school batch, from my TrendLabs Tech Marketing Team and the pinoy blogging community) for the help they have given me and my blog but again that will be worthy of another post in the future. I smell another Google Adsense check coming (as well as another check from one of my favorite blogging networks) so I know that thank you post will be coming soon.